India and America are indispensable partners: Manmohan Singh

Asserting that India and America are indispensable partners, PM Manmohan Singh said two nations are working together to give cooperation new sense of purpose, widening and deepening it.

Updated: Sep 28, 2013, 10:27 AM IST

Washington: Asserting that India and America are indispensable partners, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Friday said the two nations are working together to give the cooperation a new sense of purpose, widening and deepening it in diverse directions.
“I have always believed that India and America are indispensable partners. And during the time that I have been Prime Minister, and particularly, during the time when President Obama and I have worked together, I think President Obama has made an outstanding contribution to strengthening, widening and deepening of our cooperation in diverse fields,” said Dr Singh in a joint media interaction with US President Barack Obama.

“When I came to America in 2005, in addressing the United States Congress I said there are partnerships based on principles and partnerships based on pragmatism. And I then said that in the case of Indo-American cooperation, both principles of commitment to democratic values, rule of law and pragmatism both combine to make us strong and durable partners. And I am very happy to say that in the last five years that I have worked together with President Obama that process has got strengthened in every possible way,” he added.

Dr Singh, who met President Obama at the White House here, said the two nations are cooperating in expanding the frontiers of trade, investment and technology.

“And outside the area of trade, technology and investment, we are exploring avenues of cooperation in new areas like energy cooperation,……….., cooperation in the field of environment, cooperation in the field of defence and security related, cooperation with regard to intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism,” said Dr. Singh.

“In all these areas, India needs United States to be standing by our side,” he added.

Describing the US as an ‘important strategic partner’, Dr Singh had earlier said that under President Barack Obama`s regime, India has taken several steps to widen and deepen its bilateral partnership in diverse fields.

“The United States is one of India’s most important trading partners, important provider of investment and technology support for India’s development and we need the United States on our side as we move to give new added thrust to our development programs,” said Dr Singh.

“And, during the present visit, we will review the progress that has been made and also what further can be done to give added meaning and content to this partnership,” he added.

Dr Singh further said during his meeting with Obama, both sides would also review the international situation.

“We will also review the international situation particularly with reference to international economic situation and other important areas like South East Asia, Middle East and West Asia,” he added.

This was the third Obama-Singh summit meeting, the previous ones being held in 2009 and 2010.