India at 78th on Newsweek`s best country list

India at 78th on the World`s Best Countries` list compiled by Newsweek magazine.

New York: India ranks 78th on the World`s
Best Countries` list compiled by Newsweek magazine, which
placed nations on the basis of health, education, economy and

Among India`s neighbours, China is ranked 59th, Sri
Lanka is placed at 66th position, while Bangladesh and
Pakistan has been placed at 88th and 89th spots respectively.

Japan, South Korea and Singapore are the only three
Asian countries in the top 20.

The top four positions go to Finland, Switzerland,
Sweden and Australia while the United States comes in at 11th
with Germany at 12th and the United Kingdom at 14th.

"In Newsweek`s first-ever Best Countries special
issue, we set out to answer a question that is at once simple
and incredibly complex?if you were born today, which country
would provide you the very best opportunity to live a healthy,
safe, reasonably prosperous and upwardly mobile life?," writes
Rana Foorohar, deputy editor.

The rankings are based on performance in areas such as
education, health, economic dynamism and quality of life.

India is described as a big country with 1.2 billion
people with a small per capita income of USD 1,170 per capita.

In an article describing how the countries were
ranked, Foorohar writes, "While remarkable individuals can be
found in any nation on earth, certain countries give their
citizens much greater opportunity to succeed than others at
certain points in time."

"As wealth and power shift from West to East, and a
new post-crisis world order continues to take shape, it`s no
longer clear that being born and raised in Omaha offers quite
the edge that it once might have," she added.

India gets 2.5 for freedom of expression, political
participation and electoral processes from Freedom House with
1 being the highest score. Pakistan scores low with 4.5.

In the quality of life section, the study quotes the
World Bank statistics as 75 per cent of the population living
on less than USD 2 per day.

In the `ease of doing` business category, India gets
133th rank, according to World Bank, which puts 1 as the best
place to do business.