India, China agree to resolve border row, boost ties

In his address, Premier Li said it cannot be denied that there are problems between the two countries.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Terming Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to India as an honour, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said that ties between the two countries are of significance for peaceful development, stability in the region and prosperity.

Chinese Premier on his part termed India and China as "strategic partners and good friends" that could speak to each other with candour.

Addressing a joint press conference with his Chinese counterpart after they held delegation-level talks at Hyderabad House, the PM said, “An honour for me to welcome Premier Li to India, been an immense pleasure to get to know him personally.”

"Starting yesterday evening Premier Li and I have had wide ranging discussions. I am delighted that there are so many fields of convergence between India and China,” the PM said.

On the contentious border issue between the two countries, the Prime Minister said, “The basis for continued growth is peace on our borders. While seeking early resolution of border issues, peace must be preserved,” he said.
Dr Singh further said that he had candid discussions with Li Keqiang. “There are so many areas of convergence and meeting of minds,” he said.

“India & China have lived in peace through the ages, have had differences but over last 25yrs have built a mutual beneficial relationship,” he added.

"The relationship between our two countries is of growing significance and essential for our peaceful development and sustained growth".

The Prime Minister also said that he has accepted Keqiang’s gracious invitation to visit China.

In his address, Premier Li said it cannot be denied that there are problems between the two countries.

“Don`t deny problems between the two sides; need to improve border related mechanisms; make them more efficient.

Both sides believe each country should see the other`s, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Both leaders agree that Special Representatives of India and China will consider further measures that may be needed to ensure peace and tranquillity along the border.

“Have worked together to maintain tranquillity and peace in the border areas” Keqiang stressed.

“Both sides believe each country should see the other`s development as of mutual benefit… Amicable ties will be positive for Asia and good for Asia providing new engines for the world economy,” he said.

Terming India and China as “friendly nations”, the Premier said that neither side will do anything to damage the interests of the other side.

“Our nations can resolve issues, and overcome differences. Both sides have more interests than differences and there is a need to confront issues with a broad mind, and tackle them in a mature way,” he added.

Indicative of the way forward in India-China relationship, he said, “By reaching a consensus on various issues, we have reached a new level in our relationship with India.”
Earlier, both the nations signed eight agreements in diverse areas including Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage, economic agreements, urban development, water management.