India concerned over US military aid to Pak: Antony to Gates

India said some US weapons given to Islamabad to fight the war against terror were being diverted.

Washington: Voicing its concern over supply
of US arms to Pakistan, India today said some American weapons
given to Islamabad to fight the war against terror along the
Afghanistan border was being diverted against it.

Raising the issue with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates
during an official meeting here, Defence Minister A K
Antony said, "while the US is giving these arms to fight
terrorists, Pakistan is diverting some portions to use against

Antony, who is in the US on a two-day visit on the
invitation of Gates, was formally welcomed by Gates outside
the River Entrance at the Pentagon.

The Indian Defence Minister also expressed New Delhi`s
concerns to Washington over the "delay and denial" of export
licenses to Defence Research and Development Organisation
(DRDO) laboratories, as also the continued presence of Indian
scientific R&D agencies in the US Entity List under which
these are banned for export of American technologies and

Antony also met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and
National Security Advisor Gen James Jones during which the two
sides discussed regional and global issues such as the
terrorist "threats and security situation in Afghanistan and
Pakistan and Islamabad`s continued support to India-centric
terrorist groups."

With Gates, Antony expressed the hope that the review of
the current Indo-US defence relations and structure would lead
to "positive outcomes" as far as India was concerned.

"The presence of our institutions and laboratories in the
US Entity List is somewhat anomalous, given our strengthening
of relations in other areas of defence," Antony was quoted by
officials as saying.

On the issue of three important agreements such as the
logistics support, communication interoperability and
geo-spatial cooperation, Antony said he appreciated the
American view that these would facilitate access to high
technologies, but there were a number of agencies involved and
the deals needed to be considered in multi-dimensional

Noting that their second meeting this year signified the
"measure of importance" which India attached to its relations
with the US, Antony said New Delhi was looking forward to
President Obama`s visit in November and expressed the
confidence that it would be an important milestone in
strengthening of ties between the two nations.

The Defence Minister said the relations in the areas of
equipment and technology exchanges would evolve from a
buyer-seller to a partnership based on transfer of technology,
co-production and collaboration in defence projects with
Indian industry involvement.