India determined to deepen ties with Nepal: Envoy

India Monday underlined its determination to deepen bilateral ties with Nepal based on "each other`s interest and sensitivity".

Updated: Feb 10, 2012, 20:38 PM IST

Kathmandu: India Monday underlined its
determination to deepen bilateral ties with Nepal based on "each other`s interest and sensitivity" as New Delhi remained
optimistic over the landmark peace process in the country.

"India is willing to intensify its partnership with Nepal
in every field in accordance with the priority and pace as
well as convenience of the government and the people of Nepal
on the basis of each other`s interest and sensitivity," said
Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayant Prasad.

Launching a documentary on the historic accounts of
Nepal-India relations at function here, the envoy said he was
"hopeful that the remaining tasks of peace process, including
integration of the Maoist combatants and drafting of the new
constitution will move forward because there is no other

Prasad said he was "optimistic" about the peace process
being concluded and accomplishing the task of drafting a new
constitution on time as the framework of the document "is more
or less ready despite certain differences" over the form of
governance and federal structure.

The documentary to be broadcasts in four episodes
starting from Tuesday through a private television channel of
Nepal will feature political, economic and bilateral relations
between the two neighbouring countries.

It will include glimpses from the first bilateral visit
of Prime Minister B P Koirala in 1960 down to the last visit
of Premier Baburam Bhattarai to India in October last year.
Responding to a question, Prasad said preparations are
being made for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s visit to Nepal
in the near future, though the date has not yet been worked

"We have not had discussion on precise timing of the PMs
official visit to Nepal but both the governments of Nepal and
India are working for a visit by our PM and we hope that it
will take place as soon as possible," he said.

On the issue of the stalled 2006 peace process, he said
"the time is running out and therefore, the political elite of
this country is conscious about this despite great political
differences between them."
He also termed as positive the latest "political
developments in which the regular Parliament session resumed
after the Maoist-led government withdrew its decision to
legalise the war time property and land dealings carried out
by the Maoists` parallel government" under intense pressure
form the opposition parties.

The Indian envoy informed that the first India-Nepal
Ministerial meeting on Water Resources and Energy will be held
in New Delhi on February 15 to discuss cooperation on sharing
of water resources and hydropower development.