India develops first Laser Guided Bomb

India has developed its first Laser Guided Bomb that can hit a target with greater accuracy.

Dehradun: India has developed its first
Laser Guided Bomb (LGB), a weapon that can hit a target with
greater accuracy, with technological support from city-based
Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE).

The development of technology for producing Laser Guided
Bomb is part of ongoing research towards achieving
self-dependency in the defence area being done in IRDE, a lab
of DRDO, Scientist and Public Relation Officer of IRDE said.

The LGB uses a laser designator to mark or illuminate a
target. The reflected laser light from the target is then
detected by the seeker which sends signals to the weapon`s
control surfaces to guide it towards the designated point, he

Bangalore-based Aeronautics Development Establishment
(ADE) has developed the guidance-kit for 1000-pound LGBs and
these are designed to improve the accuracy of air-to-ground
bombing by IAF.

The guidance kit of LGB consists of a computer control
group (CCG), guidance canards attached to the front of the
warhead for providing steering commands and a wing assembly
attached to the aft end to provide lift.

India had already carried out two successful flight
trials of LGB for the IAF to test the effectiveness of the
guidance and control systems at Chandipur integrated test
range in Orissa early this year.

LGBs are manoeuvrable, free-fall weapons requiring no
electronic interconnect to the aircraft and attack the target
with higher accuracy and reliability.

The LGBs were first developed by USA in 1960s. Later,
Russia, France and Britain also developed them.