India for mobility of skilled workers with US: Rao

India is keen to work on a framework to increase the mobility of skilled workers with the US, a top Indian diplomat has said.

Washington: India is keen to work on a
framework to increase the mobility of skilled workers with the
US to tap the full potential of bilateral ties, a top Indian
diplomat has said, as she warned against "voices of
protectionism" in America.

"As India continues on its path of inclusive social and
economic development, mobilising the immense creativity and
energy of its people, we see the US as an important partner in
this journey," Indian Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao said.

"In this context, it would be beneficial if we could work
also on a framework that would help increase the mobility of
high skilled workers across the two countries. In these
difficult economic times, sometimes we do hear the voices of
protectionism," she said.
"We all have stakes in ensuring that such sentiments do
not affect the positive trajectory of our engagement keeping
the long-term perspective in mind. What we need to promote is
a dynamic network of partnerships and underpin them through
bilateral investments as well as through technology
cooperation," Rao said.

Her remarks came amid US President Barack Obama`s
frequent tirade against outsourcing. He has said that US firms
shipping jobs off shores should be denied tax breaks if
manufacturing is to be brought back to America and employment
is to be raised. Obama said all tax benefits should go to
companies that produce jobs inside the country.
"As both India and the US work towards becoming truly
knowledge societies they are also working together to
translate these immense opportunities into practical
cooperation....," she said.

"With a strong foundation in place, the two nations are
uniquely positioned to pool their talent to address what
President Obama`s innovation strategy called the Grand
Challenges of the 21st Century," she said.


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