India going through `transparency revolution`: Antony

Defence Minister AK Antony said India is passing through a transparency revolution.

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of
agitations demanding more openness and accountability in
Government functioning, Defence Minister AK Antony Wednesday said
the country is going through a "transparency revolution" which
can`t be stopped "midway".

"Country is passing through a new era revolution-- the
transparency revolution. The walls of secrecy are crumbling in
every field gradually including politics, business,
administration and judiciary. Once the trend has started, you
can`t stop it midway," he said.

The Defence Minister was talking to reporters after
inaugurating a new conference hall of the Press Club of India.

Civil Society members such as Anna Hazare have been
demanding greater checks and balances on the functioning on
the government by having institutions such as the Lokpal and
are holding agitations on the issue.

Antony said the transition was facing "problems" as
"India is not ready as Indian politicians, bureaucrats,
businessmen, armed forces and all those who are holding key
position are not ready for this transition that is why there
are problems in this transition."

"But that is also part of Indian democracy. But after
few years they will. The transition will go on," he said.

Crediting Parliament for increasing transparency in
the country, Antony said, "For that (transparency), you have
to give credit to Indian media, NGOs and social activists
but ultimately it was the Indian Parliament through the RTI
Ac The Minister said the Right to Information Act, passed
by Parliament in 2005, will help the transparency revolution
percolate to all walks of life, organisations and ultimately
all families.

"Instead of going back, I think in years to come, the
RTI Act will spread to new areas. I think every facet of human
life will be transparent. This is happening in India under the
law," he said.

Lauding the role of Indian media in building the
nation, Antony said the society is getting industrialised and
there is a clash of interest between various groups.

"In this environment, you shouldn`t allow anybody to
use you... The media shouldn`t allow itself to be manipulated
by vested interests and groups," he added.


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