India rejects US think tank rpt on nuclear safety

A US-based think tank poorly rated India on nuclear safety index.

New Delhi: Strongly rejecting the findings
of a US-based think tank which poorly rated India on nuclear
safety index, New Delhi today said the findings were based on
"faulty methodology" and it used "unreliable information".

"We have seen the report but we do not share its
conclusions as we believe it is based upon faulty methodology
especially on issues relating to India," Foreign Secretary
Ranjan Mathai said.

The index, compiled by think-tank Nuclear Threat
Initiative (NTI) had ranked India very low, just above Iran,
Pakistan and North Korea.

Mathai said all nuclear materials in India were subject
to strict oversight controls and that New Delhi has an
unblemished record.

He said the index was based on "unreliable information".

While India scored good in keeping with international
commitments, on-site physical protection, response
capabilities and accounting procedures, it fell behind when it
came to political stability and because of the lack of
domestic legislation.