India, Russia call for joint regional efforts to combat terror

Sharing view that terrorism jeopardises peace, India and Russia pitched for joint efforts by countries of region to combat menace in all its forms.

Moscow: Sharing the view that terrorism jeopardises peace in South Asia and the world, India and Russia on Sunday pitched for joint efforts by countries of the region to combat the menace in all its forms, including elimination of terrorist safe havens and cutting off financial support.

"India and Russia recognised terrorism as the major threat to Afghanistan`s security and stability that jeopardises peace in the region and in the whole world," a joint statement issued after the 14th Annual Summit between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Vladimir Putin said.

"They stressed the regional aspects of terrorism and extremism, emphasising the necessity of joint and coordinated efforts and cooperation between the states of the region, especially taking into account the expected drawdown of international forces in 2014, in order to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including elimination of terrorist safe havens and cutting off financial support to terrorism," the statement said.

Singh, in a statement after talks with Putin, said, "Terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking emanating from this area endanger security and stability in our region and beyond. We have agreed to intensify our coordination and cooperation for promoting security and development in the region".

"We also emphasised our shared interest in a peaceful and stable transition in Afghanistan next year," he added.

The two sides agreed that it was necessary to extend the sanctions regime introduced by the UN Security Council against the Taliban as one of the most important tools for fighting terrorism.

India and Russia also reaffirmed the need for UN Security Council reform in order to make it more representative and effective in dealing with emerging challenges.

"They agreed that any expansion of the Security Council should reflect contemporary realities. In this regard, the Russian Federation reiterated its strong support to India for a permanent seat in a reformed UN Security Council," the joint statement said.