India seeks `real improvements` in UNSC working methods

India, which currently holds the Presidency of the UN Security Council, has pushed for "real improvements" in the working methods.

United Nations: India, which currently holds the Presidency of the UN Security Council, has pushed for "real improvements" in the working methods and reform in the composition of the 15-nation body, saying that mere "cosmetic changes" will not enhance its credibility and efficiency.

Days before India`s term as President of the Council ends, it organised an open debate here yesterday on the working methods of the UNSC.

"Genuine reform in the working methods of the Security Council requires a comprehensive reform in the membership of the Council, with expansion in both permanent and non-permanent categories, not only improvement in its working procedures.

"This is essential both for the credibility and continued confidence of the international community in this institution," India`s Permanent Representative, Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, said in his remarks.

With its two-year term as a non-permanent member of the Council ending this year, India has been working with other UN member states in pressing for expansion in the permanent and non-permanent categories of the UNSC to reflect contemporary realities.

Puri said over the years, there has been growing realisation that the Council`s composition, "rooted in the situation obtaining in 1945", as well as its working methods are "divorced from contemporary reality of international relations."

"These are exemplified by the fact that the Council has shown little interest in consulting with those affected most by its decisions and in adopting transparent and inclusive rules of procedures that remain `provisional` even after the Council`s existence for six and a half decades.

The Council has also not acted to harness the capabilities of the wider UN membership," he said.

The international community has to be cognisant that enlarging the Security Council to reflect contemporary geopolitical realities would improve its representative character and grant greater legitimacy and credibility to its decisions, Puri said.

"There is need for real improvement in its working methods to enhance the Council`s effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that cosmetic changes to working methods alone will not help. Real improvements need change in both process and approach, which requires reform of the composition of the Council," the Indian envoy said.

Puri added that the Council`s "all too evident eagerness" to apply methods of coercion has proved to be counter-productive in resolving several crises.