India to set up Global Centre for N-Energy Partnership: PM

Demonstrating India`s responsible behaviour, PM Manmohan Singh announced setting up of a `Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership` for conducting research and development of design systems that are secure.

Updated: Apr 13, 2010, 21:27 PM IST

Washington: Demonstrating India`s
responsible behaviour, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today
announced setting up of a `Global Centre for Nuclear Energy
Partnership` for conducting research and development of design
systems that are secure, proliferation resistant and

As soon as Singh made the announcement at the Nuclear
Security Summit, US President Barack Obama intervened to
welcome it, saying "this will be one more tool to establish
best practises" in the quest for nuclear safety.

Addressing the Summit convened by Obama here, Singh
said the Centre will consist of four Schools dealing with
Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security,
Radiation Safety and application of Radioisotopes and
Radiation Technology in areas of healthcare, agriculture and

The Centre is visualised to be a state-of-the-art
facility based on international participation from IAEA and
other interested foreign partners.

It will conduct research and development of design
systems that are intrinsically safe, secure, proliferation
resistant and sustainable, the Prime Minister told leaders
from 47 countries.

Singh invited participation in the venture by other
countries and the International Atomic Energy Agency to make
the Centre`s work a success.

India is continually upgrading technology to develop
nuclear systems that are intrinsically safe, secure and
proliferation resistant. It recently developed an Advanced
Heavy Water Reactor based on Low Enriched Uranium and thorium
with new safety and proliferation-resistant features.

As a founder member of the IAEA, India has
consistently supported the central role of the UN nuclear
watchdog in facilitating national efforts to strengthen
nuclear security and in fostering effective international

India has so far conducted nine Regional Training
Courses on Nuclear Security in cooperation with the IAEA.
The objective of the School of Advanced Nuclear Energy
Systems Studies would be to pursue design studies and analysis
of advanced nuclear energy systems with features to achieve
intrinsically enhanced safety, security, proliferation
resistance and sustainability.

The programme modules will encompass reactor systems
and applications, fuel cycle studies, accelerator driven
systems, risk assessment studies, emergency planning and
management and sustainability parameters assessment.