`India, US ties can make world more secure`

The Indo-US strategic ties would make the world more secure as well as democratic.

Washington: The Indo-US strategic ties would
make the world more secure as well as democratic and their
partnership can create millions of new jobs in both the
countries, a top State Department official said on Wednesday.

"Our strategic relationship can make the world more
secure and democratic while our commercial partnerships can
meet the needs of the 21st century consumer and create
millions of new jobs in each of our two countries," Under
Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman said.

Sherman, who took over this key State Department position
from William Burns who is now the Deputy Secretary of State,
some two months ago reiterated President Barack Obama`s
statement that India-US relationship is the defining
partnerships of the 21st century.

"For much of the world history, India was a global player
as a consequence of its economic power and cultural dynamism.
Over the last two decades, India has reemerged even more. It
is the world`s biggest democracy and soon to the world`s most
populous country with an economy likely to be the world`s
third largest within probably no more than a few years, two
decades at the most," she said.

Sherman was speaking at a rare reception hosted by the
powerful Senate India Caucus in honor of the new Indian
Ambassador to the US, Nirupama Rao.

Praising Rao`s role in deepening of India US
relationship, she said that the Indian Ambassador both in her
previous stint as the Foreign Secretary and now as the top
Indian diplomat to the US has left her inedible mark on this.

"She in her short time in Washington has already made an
amazing contribution to our bilateral relationship, has
cemented deep respect of friends and colleagues alike in the
process," she said, adding that Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton, who is currently on her trip to South Korea and
Burma, has sent her greetings to Rao on the occasion.

As the Foreign Secretary, she said, Rao was a trusted
Indian interlocutor and champion of US-India partnership.

Members of the Senate who attended this unique event
hosted at the Capitol Hill were Kay Hagan, Saxby Chambliss,
Chris Coons, John Cornyn, Mark Warner, Daniel Inouye, Jeff
Bingaman, Roger Wicker, John Kerry, Charles Schumer and
Michael Binnet.

Cornyn and Warner are co-chairs of the Senate India
Caucus, which hosted the event. A welcome reception for a new
Ambassador is a rare event at the Capitol Hill.


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