Indian Express stands by its report

`The Indian Express`, which reported a "curious" movement of two units of Army towards Delhi in mid-January, Wednesday said it stands by the report.

New Delhi: `The Indian Express`, which
reported a "curious" movement of two units of Army towards
Delhi in mid-January that created a storm, on Wednesday said it
stands by the report that came after investigation over six

In a statement, the newspaper said the report "The
January night Raisina Hills was spooked: Two key Army units
moved towards Delhi without notifying government" has, as
expected, prompted widespread reaction.

"The report is a meticulous reconstruction and a very
sober interpretation of the movement of two key Army units
towards New Delhi on the night of January 16-17," the
statement said, adding it was investigated over six weeks and
written by a team headed by Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta.

It said the report drew on highly credible sources, who
had chosen to be anonymous and the newspaper is committed to
protecting their identity.

The daily said it sent a detailed questionnaire to the
Army and the Ministry of Defence and accurately reported their
responses in the report. These responses were reiterated by
them today.

"Neither side explained why the Ministry of Defence
wasn`t notified, why the troops were suddenly asked to go back
and what explanation was offered, if any, by the Army to the
government," it said.

There are some in the government and outside who have
questioned the report, even calling it "disturbing" and
"baseless". All this, even those comments that attribute false
motives, are, we believe, part of a necessary debate, it said.

"The Indian Express stands by the report. And in the
tradition of its commitment to journalism of courage and the
readers` right to know, it will continue its investigation
into the events of January 16-17 and the questions these
raise," it said.