Indian KG girl raped by school bus driver in Dubai

In a shocking case, a four-year-old Indian girl was allegedly gangraped by three men, including her school bus driver and conductor, here.

Updated: Jan 18, 2011, 13:43 PM IST

Dubai: In a shocking case, a four-year-old
Indian girl was allegedly gangraped by three men, including
her school bus driver and conductor, here.

The child studying at the Modern High School was
allegedly raped on November 11 when the institution
celebrated the Children`s Day, `Gulf News` reported, adding
the parents notified police on January 9.

The bus driver was employed with the school and its
transportation service provider for 14 years, it said. The
conductor of the bus, among the three suspects arrested, was
with the school for seven years.

"My daughter is scared and can`t sleep. She is scared at
night and doesn`t want to sleep. Our 4-year-old daughter never
told us what had happened. The stains on her clothes made me
suspicious," the mother of the girl said.

"She only confided in us after we spoke to her based on
medical reports that confirmed that she was raped by three
men," the Indian homemaker, who hails from Delhi, said.

The girl has not gone back to school since the alleged

"Our family was shattered beyond words when we found
out," the woman said.

"She usually comes back by 10.15am. I called the
conductor to find out what time the bus would reach near our
home in Karama and he replied that they would be on time."

A few minutes later, the conductor called back to say
that she need not come to the stop and that he would call her
once they arrived. "But I felt uneasy and went down anyway and
informed the conductor that I was already there," she

"By 11 am the bus arrived. I asked my daughter how the
day went, but she did not mention anything."

While the mother changed the child`s clothes, she saw
they were stained and asked her about it.

"She just replied ? nothing. I put away the clothes in
the laundry bin. Thankfully, I didn`t get the time to wash
them for the next 4 to 5 days," she said, adding that she
cannot imagine the situation if she washed the clothes and the
incident had gone unnoticed.

The child`s father told Gulf News: "We have gone through
hell. We have met people who wanted to brush this under the
carpet and those who genuinely wanted to help us."

The second sign for the mother was when the child passed
urine in her clothes. "We were visiting a family friend when
it happened. My daughter asked my friend not to tell me about
it and looked scared," the mother said.

"It seemed strange to me, since we hardly scold her."

Two days later, when the family went to a park, the
child dropped a mobile phone and looked petrified when she
picked it up. "The culprit must have threatened the child is
what I gather now," the mother said.

Although the mother raised her concerns with the father,
he dismissed it. "At that point, I felt no one on earth could
do something so heinous to an innocent child," the father

But the mother made it a point to visit a gynaecologist
the next day with the soiled clothes.

"The doctor confirmed my worst fear. It was semen on her
dress," the mother said.

The same night the family flew to India to seek medical
attention. The parents reported the matter to police only on
January 11, two months later, the paper said.

"We should have gone to the police earlier. But at the
time my priority was to protect my child. I did not want her
to go through the trauma again.

"I have got tremendous support from the police. Today I
feel differently ? I should have gone to them earlier," the
father said.

The father said that he does not blame GEMS, which runs
the school, or the transportation company for the incident.

"We approached GEMS on January 5 and they encouraged us
to report the matter to police. We blame the culprits only. We
want justice for our daughter," the father said.