Indian magazine dubs Obama as ‘The Underachiever’

A leading Indian current affairs magazine Outlook India has now labeled US President Barack Obama with the tag of ‘The Underachiever’.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Nearly two weeks after US-based Time Magazine called Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh an "underachiever", a leading Indian current affairs magazine `Outlook India` has now labelled President Barack Obama with the same tag.

Reports, Friday, claimed that the cover page of the latest issue of the Outlook magazine, which is due to be released on July 30, will have President Obama’s image with the caption - "THE UNDERACHIEVER".

"America needed a reboot-he promised hope and change. Four years on, President Barack Obama`s sheen is gone. Can his lofty rhetoric carry him home again?" the magazine’s cover page reads.
Outlook magazine’s reply to the Time Magazine comes days after it dubbed Dr Manmohan Singh as an "underachiever" and a "man in shadow".

Time magazine, in its July 7 issue, criticised Dr Singh and his government and claimed that India needs a reboot.

The US-based magazine also quizzed, "Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh up to the job?"

Time also came down hard on the Congress-led UPA government and hurled strong criticism against it saying, "The laws that could help create growth and jobs are stuck in parliament, sparking concerns that politicians have lost the plot in their focus on short-term populist measures that will win votes."

Calling Dr Singh `a man in shadow`, Time Magazine, gave a piece of advice to the Prime Minister saying, “India is stalling. To turn it around, Prime Minister Singh must emerge from his private and political gloom."
Now, with Outlook India too dubbing President Obama as the underachiever, it appears that Time`s criticism of the Indian Prime Minister has boomeranged for the US administration.

Recently, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma also criticised Obama saying, "He (Obama) has every right to convey what his perceptions are but the policy making is a sovereign decision and India`s FDI policy regime is investor-friendly."

Obama recently stirred a controversy saying, “India prohibits foreign investment in too many sectors such as retail and endorsed another wave of economic reforms.”