Indian media unbalanced: Victorian PM

Victorian Premier criticised Indian media for hyping up the assaults against the community members.

Melbourne: As Australian police alleged
that an Indian had faked an incident of racial attack,
Victorian Premier John Brumby on Wednesday criticised the Indian
media and "some officials" for hyping up the assaults against
the community members.

Brumby was miffed with Indian media and some officials
for "unbalanced reporting" and referred to the case of
Melbourne-based Jaspreet Singh who police alleged pretended he
had been set on fire in an unprovoked attack, the AAP

"I think I`ll make a couple of comments and in a sense
they go, as much as anything, to the way the Indian media and
the, to a lesser extent some representatives in the Indian
government, portray these events," he said.

His comments came as police said Singh had faked the
January 8 incident for seeking insurance benefits to overcome
his financial woes.

On the murder of Ranjodh Singh, whose half-burnt body
was found on a roadside, Brumby said: "I think the point needs
to be made that the people who have been charged with that
murder are both Indians," he said.

"And we`ve had this [Jaspreet Singh] case, which
attracted a lot of attention in India, and police have charged
an individual with setting fire to himself.

"So I hope that there is some balance to the debate,
some balance to the reporting in India and certainly to date
that balance hasn`t been there," he said.