‘Indian politicians more corrupt than Brit rulers’

Indian politicians have looted the country much more than the British rulers did, Baba Ramdev said.

Sitamarhi (Bihar): Indian politicians have looted the country much more during the 63 years after Independence than the British rulers did during their 200-year rule, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said here on Sunday.

Scams of thousand of crore of Rupees or more have now become routine as against scandals of smaller magnitude earlier, Ramdev, on a `Bharat Swabhiman Yatra` in Bihar, said at a yoga camp.

The 2G spectrum scam to the tune of Rs 1.76 lakh crore was a landmark for the Indian politicians, he said sarcastically and lashed out at the UPA government for its failure to prevent the biggest-ever scam.
Now the UPA government must atone for its mistake and ensure that the money was recovered, otherwise it would be deemed that the Centre did not have the character to tackle corruption, the Yoga guru said.
Claiming that Rs 280 lakh crore was stashed in Swiss banks by Indians, Ramdev said the Centre should make sincere efforts to reclaim the money which would change the country`s economy for the better.