Indians evacuated from Libya express gratitude to Government

Around 50 evacuees from West Bengal have conveyed their gratitude to the government for ensuring their safe return.

Updated: Mar 06, 2011, 12:03 PM IST

Kolkata: Around 50 evacuees from West Bengal, who landed at the Kolkata airport in a special flight via Dubai after being evacuated from Libya, have conveyed their gratitude to the government for ensuring their safe return.

The unrest in Libya took a dramatic turn when the government fiercely cracked down on the anti-Gaddafi protesters.

There had been about 18,000 Indians working in Libya, most of them employed in the country`s oil, construction and health sectors, when protests against the autocratic regime broke out all over the country.

Springing into action soon after the revolt, the Indian government has successfully evacuated nearly 10,000 Indians till now by chartering cruise ships and special flights, while ensuring the safety of the remaining nationals.

Many evacuees asserted that the situation in Libya was still a matter of grave concern.

“The present situation is not very good there. The fighting is still going on but there may be a chance that it will come to an end,” said Jayanta Banerjee, one of the evacuated Indians.

Soham Singh, another Indian evacuee, urged the government to rescue the remaining Indians at the earliest.

He said: “It was a bad experience but somehow or the other our company did a lot for us, they took us to Malta from where we were evacuated. I hope the Indian government will take some steps for the people who are still in Malta right now.”

According to media reports, Gaddafi has ordered the use of tanks, helicopters and warplanes to fight the growing public revolt, while scoffing at speculation of his ``fleeing`` after four decades in power.

Leaders from across the world have condemned the use of force by Gaddafi, but the defiant ruler refuses to step down despite massive public pressure.