India`s next-gen electronic warfare system

India plans to develop new-generation EW systems to be fitted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that would help it see "deep inside enemy territories".

Bangalore: India plans to develop
new-generation Electronic Warfare (EW) systems to be fitted on
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, aircraft and satellites that would
help it see "deep inside enemy territories", a key defence
research and development official said here on Tuesday.

Chief Controller, Research and Development (Electronics
and Computer Sciences), Defence Research and Development
Organisation (DRDO), R Sreehari Rao, said the present EW
system, especially ground-based ones fitted on Naval platforms
have got "limited range" (10-20 km) and "can`t intercept
beyond the line of sight".
He noted that EW systems (to be) fitted on higher
platforms like UAVs, aircraft and satellites would give "very
long range". The ones on UAVs and aircraft would give the
country a 400-500 kms range capability and those on satellites
"much longer range".

"We can see deep inside enemy territories.We have plans to
go in for higher platforms", Rao told reporters in response to
questions ahead of the second international conference on
electronic warfare, which will be formally inaugurated here

He also said a prototype of synthetic aperture radar,
development of which is being pursued by DRDO constituent lab,
Electronics and Radar Development Establishment would be
flight-tested on a Dornier aircraft this year.

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