Indo-US N- deal: PM betrayed nation, says BJP

Claiming that the Nuclear Suppliers Group had "reneged" on its waiver on nuclear fuel supply to India, BJP accused PM Manmohan Singh of betraying the nation on the Indo-US nuke deal.

New Delhi: Claiming that the Nuclear
Suppliers Group had "reneged" on its waiver on nuclear fuel
supply to India, BJP on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh of betraying the nation on the Indo-US nuke deal and
asked him to clarify how it is beneficial to the country.

"This is an important issue which also has a historic
background. We believe that the historic waiver given to India
by the Nuclear Suppliers Group now stands punctured.... We
want a clarification from the Prime Minister on the Indo-US
Civil nuclear deal which he had gone on his knees to sign,"
BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said.
He maintained that the NSG has "reneged" on its promise
made after the Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal was signed and is
now insisting that for any ENR- Enrichment and Nuclear
Reprocessing- the beneficiary country has to be a signatory to
the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

BJP alleged that the Prime Minister has not just
"betrayed" Parliament- where he had said the nuke deal is
beneficial to India- but also "misled" the nation. The
opposition will raise this issue in the monsoon session of

Rudy said that in 2008 when the "historic nuclear deal"
was signed between US President George Bush and Indian Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh, the government had claimed that the
deal is very important for meeting the power requirements of
the nation.

"It was said that by 2015, we would produce 15,000 MW
energy, and 30,000 MW by 2030. It was said that two lakh of
the six lakh Indian villages, which do not have power today,
would get it," Rudy said.
The opposition maintained that the Agreement was signed
with the US after the UPA government got it passed and
ratified by Parliament, though Left parties withdrew support
and the NDA opposed it strongly.

"The BJP had then called the Agreement- signed at
midnight- as the "midnight deceit".... We had said the
government has compromised on the strategic autonomy of the
country and the country has been betrayed," Rudy said.

He insisted that since this matter is directly related
to the PM, now is the time for him to clarify his position.

"When the Nuclear Bill came up in the US House of
Representatives and changes were made, the PM said this is the
House draft. Then when it came to the US Senate, he said we
will get the changes made when the two Houses meet. But the
Bill was passed in that form," he said.

Rudy said India had signed bilateral treaties with
Russia, France and US for nuclear supply but now these
countries were also mum on the issue.

"Even the last feather in the Prime Minister`s cap- he
barely has much- which was the Indo-US nuclear deal, seems to
be falling off his hat," Rudy said.

He alleged that India had made a lot of concessions
when the agreement was signed.

"The recent meeting of NSG has taken a complete U-turn
and said categorically that if there is no NPT there would be
no ENR for any country," he said.

This would affect countries like Pakistan, Israel,
North Korea and India which have not signed the NPT and are
nuclear powers.


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