`ISI continuously sponsoring terror, infiltration`

Hillary Clinton said that no terrorist should be given safe havens and free pass by any government.

New Delhi: Seven persons, including those
associated with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, were
charged in the United States with the 26/11 Mumbai terror
attacks, the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

The Lok Sabha was also informed that Pakistan`s intelligence agency - ISI is continuously sponsoring terrorist infrastructure in
that country to help infiltration into India.

"As per the available inputs, the indictment filed by the
US authorities in the district court, Northern District
Illinois, seven individuals were charged with the Mumbai
terrorist attacks, including those the government believes, are
associated with the ISI," Minister of State for Home Jitendra
Singh said in a written reply.

The Minister said the testimonials during the trial drew
attention to the links between the ISI and the terrorists
responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Singh said the issue of support for terrorist
organisations in Pakistan was also discussed during the
India-US strategic dialogue held in New Delhi on July 19, 2011
where the two sides reiterated that regional and global
security requires eliminations of safe havens and
infrastructure for terrorism and violent extremism in

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that no
terrorists should be given safe havens and free pass by any
government," he said.

This infrastructure continues to be sponsored by Pak ISI to
recruit, train, finance arm and infiltrate terrorists into
India," the government said in a written reply.

Known anti-India elements and those declared as fugitives
from the law in India continue to be provided sanctuary in
Pakistan, Minister of State for Home Jitendra Singh said.

"According to media reports, following the killing of
Osama Bin Laden in a US Special Forces operation in
Abbottabad, in May 2011, the Director-General of ISI in his
address to an in-camera joint session of Pakistan`s Parliament
purportedly said that in case India attempted any similar
operation in Pakistan it would invite a befitting response
from Pakistan as targets inside the country had already been
identified and rehearsal carried out," the Minister said while
replying to a question on a statement made by the Chief of the
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) recently.

"Government remains vigilant and takes all necessary
steps to safeguard country`s national security," Singh said.

Singh also said that a total of 100 people have been
killed in 202 incidents of terrorist violence, in Jammu and
Kashmir till July this year.

This includes 25 civilians, 19 security forces` personnel
and 56 terrorists.

In case of similar incidents in North East, a total of
117 people have been killed during the same period in
extremist violence cases (338 incidents).

This includes 39 civilians, 25 security personnel and 53


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