‘ISI, Pak Army, terror groups` nexus exposed’

A top Army commander has said the arrest of a militant has exposed the nexus involving ISI, Pakistan Army and terror outfits.

Srinagar: A top Army commander has said the
arrest of a militant while he was sneaking into Kashmir Valley
in Machhil sector near LoC has exposed the nexus involving
ISI, Pakistan Army and terror outfits.

"The arrest of Pakistani national and LeT militant (Nissar
Ahmed) has exposed the nexus between the ISI, Pakistan Army
and terror outfits in training, arming and psychological
indoctrination of Pakistani youth for infiltrating and
carrying out acts of terror in Kashmir," Chinar Corps GoC Lt
Gen S A Hasnain said in a defence release here.

Gen Hasnain was referring to the capture of Ahmed, son of
Ali Rehman from Karachi on Friday while he was trying to
infiltrate into Kashmir from Machhil.

"(The Army Commander) also highlighted the complicity of
ISI and Pakistan Army in setting up the terror infrastructure
in Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, to spread terror
and disrupt the peace and harmony in Kashmir, as part of their
overall Kashmir policy," the release said.

During the preliminary interrogation, the captured
militant told the Army that he was recruited and initially
trained at LeT training facility at Manshera.

"He was part of a group of 12 terrorists who had been
trained in use of all types of weapons, explosives, navigation
and communication equipment by a group of trainers from
Pakistan Army and ISI. Their commander in the training camp
was Abdullah Shaheen," the release said.

On further investigation, the apprehended militant
disclosed that after the training at Manshera, their group was
transported to LeT training camp at Jamgarh. "Thereafter, they
were moved to a training camp near Kel Military Garrison
opposite Machhil Sector, where they received intensive
training in use of weapons and explosives," it said.

The militant confirmed that seven members of the group
were selected for infiltration into Kashmir through Machhil
Sector and they were provided with arms and ammunition and
were moved forward to a launch pad in the vicinity of a
Pakistan Army post, the release said.

"A team of Pakistan Army/ISI officials briefed them before
commencing the infiltration. They were given enough money and
eatables for their survival," it said.

The group of infiltrators had an encounter with the Indian
Army troops during which Nissar fell into a stream, it said,
adding he surrendered after being surrounded by troops.


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