ISI`s Major Iqbal identified as Chaudhry Khan

Additional evidence presented in US court shows strong connection between David Headley and ISI.

Updated: May 26, 2011, 00:26 AM IST

Chicago: US federal prosecutors have
presented to a Chicago court additional evidences linking
strong connection between David Headley, the Mumbai terror
accused, and officials of the Pakistan`s spy agency ISI.

Through records of several emails exhibited in the
court federal prosecutors established beyond doubt that
Headley was in constant contact with ISI officials, in
particular Major Iqbal, and his handlers in Pakistan.

In one of the emails to Major Iqbal, said to be an ISI
officer, Headley writes to him about the latest spying

In this email, Major Iqbal uses the ID of `Chaudhery

Headley told the court that Chaudhery Khan was indeed
Major Iqbal.

In this email dated April 23, 2008, Headley sends
Chaudhery Khan information on commercially available spy
cameras and pen spy cameras.

Deposing before the Chicago Court, Headley conceded
that he met Major Iqbal several time before the Mumbai terror
attacks during which he issued specific instructions on every
step right from establishing an office in Mumbai, to
recruiting retired military personnel, making surveillance,
giving list of targets and closing the Mumbai office.

Headley told the court that Major Iqbal, his ISI
handler, made key decisions and was indeed the mastermind of
the plot.

"Major Iqbal told me the Chabad House would be added
on whatever list (of targets) there was because it was a front
office for the Mossad" - Israel`s intelligence agency, Headley
said, adding that Major Iqbal "seemed upset the (Mumbai)
airport was not included" as a target.