ISRO Chairman behind move against me: Nair

The Prime Minister had on May 31, last year constituted a five-member high-level to examine aspects of the agreement between Antrix and Devas.

Bangalore: Hurt at the action taken against him over the Antrix-Devas deal, former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair on Wednesday accused space agency Chairman K Radhakrishnan of being behind the move and pursuing a "personal agenda" to
mislead the government.

"This is his (Radhakrishnan`s) personal agenda. That individual is bent upon hitting so many people and in that process, he is killing the organisation," a bitter Nair told a news agency here.

"He (Radhakrishnan) has misled the Government on the whole
issue (the controversial Devas deal). He is the key person who
worked behind this; he misled and miscommunicated to the
Government and he has taken action", alleged Nair, who was the
key figure behind India`s Chandrayaan-1 moon mission.

The government action against Nair and three other eminent
space scientists came in the wake of the controversial
Antrix-Devas deal in which a private company was allotted
scarce S band spectrum by ISRO allegedly in violation of

Nair said the action against them was "clear violation"
of established norms of the country and the only agenda behind
whoever had taken the decision was to "tarnish the image".

"With this action, nothing is going to happen to us because
all of us (the four) are established with international
credibility in our own fields and the country will remember
what we have given. Moon (referring to Chandrayaan-1 mission)
has been given. For that, this is the reward Government is
giving! I can only take pity on whoever has taken such a

Besides Nair, K Bhaskaranarayana, former scientific secretary at ISRO, KR Sridharamurthi, former managing
director of Antrix, commercial arm of ISRO, and KN Shankara,
former director of the ISRO satellite centre, have been
penalised by the department of space.

Noting that decision on barring them has been kept a
secret, he asked how can such a letter (to secretaries)
affecting individuals can be kept secret.

"Without the authority of President of India, how such a
vital decision can be communicated? This all shows that the
people who handled the case at the Government....they are
either ignorant or taken an autocratic view of the whole
process," he said.

"I feel pity for the government...people who have taken
such a decision. I have nothing to lose because people know
me...what I have done for the country. I am really sad that
such a thing has happened in a democratic country like India.

"Even in a military rule, the people are given a hearing
before condemnation is made. This (the action against us) is
worse than that".

He said the letter reportedly says the decision was taken
by the government and competent authority.

"What is this government and who is this competent
authority? If they are bold enough, they should come in
public," Nair said.

"He (Radhakrishnan) would have suffered at the hands of
his ex-bosses (at ISRO) MG Chandrasekar (at present Chairman,
Devas Multimedia) and others. He wanted to fix them. He cooked
up a story and somehow misled the Government on a course of
action and he is today behaving in a completely autocratic
manner," Nair alleged.

He claimed that Radhakrishnan has no idea of rules or
regulation about technology and "he will simply kill ISRO".

"He (Radhakrishnan) is a disaster; I have kept quiet all
these days because of my respect for ISRO", he added. "You
look at ISRO`s programme for the last two years that will
speak volumes about where we stand".

He said he has not received any communication on barring
him from government jobs and would apply under the RTI to get
it and based on that, he would chalk out his plan of action.

"Not that I am running just for a government job. People
know what my credibility is. If government does not want to
engage me in anything, it`s their pleasure. Whole thing has
been handled in an absolutely shabby way", Nair said.

"There is no enquiry conducted in the matter; there is no
chargesheet issued to anybody. Without that, how can any
government take punitive action?", he asked.


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