`Issues that bug Indo-Pak ties will be discussed`

India said it is making a "determined bid" to work out a cordial relationship with Pakistan.

On Board Special Aircraft: On the eve of
the Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary-level talks, India on Wednesday said it is making a "determined bid" to work out a cordial
relationship with Pakistan and that all issues that "bug" the
ties, including terrorism, will be discussed.

At the two-day meeting beginning tomorrow in
Islamabad, India is also expected to raise the issue of the
slow pace of ongoing Mumbai terror case trial in Pakistan as
well as the larger conspiracy behind the 26/11 attacks.

"All issues that bug our relationship are going to be
discussed when Foreign Secretary visits Islamabad," External
Affairs Minister S M Krishna told reporters accompanying him
on his way back home after a three-day visit to Myanmar.
He, however, asked everyone to refrain from
speculating about the talks, saying "let not expectations be
pitched too high because this is one of the relationships we
are trying to cultivate in the last few months."

After the setback in the relations between India and
Pakistan post-Mumbai terror attacks, Krishna said he thinks
"we are making a determined bid to work out a cordial

Asked whether India would raise the issue of terrorism
during the meeting, he said: "Terrorism is going to be one of
the issues that is going to be naturally discussed with

"The whole region is terror-infested. I would only
said all issues concerning terrorism and various other issues
between our countries will be discussed."

Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said the issue of
"terrorism that inflicts our region is of utmost concern to
everyone in the region."

Rao said: "What Pakistan has been telling us in the
recent months and days is that Pakistan is seriously affected
by this problem and that many Pakistanis have also fallen
victim to terrorism."

Asked about her recent statement that India seeks
"satisfactory closure" from Pakistan with regard to Mumbai
attacks, she said, "There is an ongoing trial in Pakistan and
it has rather moved slowly."

"When we talk of closure, what we are implying is that
justice should be done in this matter and those responsible
for triggering this terror attacks and also conspired to
attack our people should be brought to justice. This is what
closure means."

Talking about her upcoming talks, Rao said the idea
was to reduce trust deficit and build more confidence in the
Indo-Pak relations and to strengthen exchanges between the two
countries to have a "meaningful dialogue on all outstanding
issue that have complicated our relationship in the past."

She said the talks were not an "event" but a process
and that both sides will exchange ideas that she hopes will
lead to more understanding and more confidence.

Asked about the confidence building measures on the
nuclear front, Rao said: "Confidence building has to include a
number of areas and if we do more to reduce the tensions
between the two countries and to reduce the trust deficit, it
will greatly promote the relationships between the two
countries. So, it makes sense to discuss confidence building
measures in all these areas."


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