Italian marines ‘finally happy’

Salvatore Latorre and Massimiliano Girone are happy that they would not be returning to India to face trial in fishermen killing case.

Zeenews Bureau

Rome: Salvatore Latorre and Massimiliano Girone, the two Italian marines who were allowed to go back home to vote in February`s General Elections, are happy that they would not be returning to the South Asian country to face trial in Indian fishermen killing case.

The marines, who had allegedly shot dead two Indian fishermen in the Arabian Sea, said they were happy to stay back in Italy and join work.

"Now we are finally happy," Latorre told Italy’s ANSA news agency. Both further said they were "happy to go back to work".

"I thank the President of the republic, all institutions, the government and the Italian people who have always supported us with a great number of postcards that never made us feel alone," Latorre said, adding "I also thank all those who have supported us through social networks".

The Italian government had yesterday gone back on its word and announced that the two marines would not return to India.

"Italy has always argued that Indian authorities have violated their obligations under international law...especially the principle of immunity from trial by the organs of a foreign state and the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea," the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Italian foreign ministry also accused India of not responded to its requests to seek a diplomatic solution to the case.