Jaswant alleges BJP’s ‘rajmad’ responsible for expulsion

Jaswant Singh said power has got into BJP & suggested that he was expelled while Advani wasn`t because of his status despite Jinnah issue.

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2009, 00:32 AM IST

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Shimla: Jaswant Singh today said that power has "got into" BJP and sought to suggest that he was expelled while L K Advani remained in the party because of his status despite the Jinnah episode.

"Rajmad chad gaya (taste of power has gone into BJP),"
he told media when asked whether he felt the party has changed
after it was in power at the Centre for some years.

Jaswant Singh also alleged that RSS and BJP were both corrupted due to the influence of office.

“The RSS sangh chalak, the prabahari was in charge of various states, districts. Of course they are influenced. There is a phrase In Hindi ‘Suvidhabhogi’. We have become addicted to convenience. But, certainly the purities of the past must not be forgotten and the pursuit of the convenience present,” he said.

He added that some BJP members had umbilical links with the RSS which should not have been the case. “The BJP should not politically depend upon the RSS,” he said.

He also said that while the earlier leadership of RSS supported him a lot, he had lately observed a change in the organisation which was not for the better. “I have shared this with Advaniji, with Mohan Bhagwat and others,” he said.

’I am not Advani’

Declaring that he was not LK Advani who was not sacked for praising Md Ali Jinnah, former BJP leader Jaswant Singh said on Wednesday said he had nothing to regret about despite his own party’s harsh treatment against him.

On being asked in an interview during a TV channel as to how Advani was left untouched while he had been shown the door for eulogising Jinnah, Jaswant Singh said candidly, “I am not Advani. He is the tallest leader of the party. When he had faced difficulty after his Pakistan visit, I had told the party that the action being mulled against him was wrong.”

It`s a matter of relative status of leaders in the party, he added.

On being pointed out that though he had stood by Advani, the latter didn’t so during the Shimla convention this morning, Jaswant said, “My grandfather told me, never remember the favour that you have done to others. I cannot say how it is different for Advani and how it is different for me. I would have been happier if it was not just a telephonic call from Rajnathji who said that I was expelled.”

Jaswant Singh, a founding member of BJP, describing his expulsion as "saddening and regrettable", said that he will not appeal against the decision or seek any review.

“I am hurt but I won’t complain… If the BJP thinks that I am not good enough then fine. It’s their choice. I accept it,” he said.

Today’s action went beyond why Advani was also not expelled, he added.

Singh, a former Union Minister who held key portfolios of Finance, Defence and External Affairs, said he should have been shown the courtesy of being told about the expulsion personally by Advani or Rajnath Singh instead of being told over phone.

’No regrets’

"There are procedures in the party which are to be followed like issuing a showcause notice which were not followed," he said but ruled out making an appeal against or seeking a review of the party decision.

"I have no feelings of self-pity. I have expressed my views as clearly as I could. I am saddened that the party has found it fit to expel me after 30 years of association," he said.

"I have committed no sin. None whatsoever against India," he said, recalling he was among those given positions of responsibility in the party by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani.

The veteran leader said that he did not regret writing the book on Mohammad Ali Jinnah and stood by whatever he has written on the "painful period of history".

"Regret? Why should I regret five years of labour? I have written what is my reading of that painful period of history," he said when asked if he regretted writing the book `Jinnah - India, Partition, Independence` which led to his expulsion from the party.

Asked if his expulsion was a result of a secession war or petty quarrels in the party, Singh said "I don`t know if there is a secession war. It is something the party should decide because I am no longer in a position to talk about internal affairs of the party."

Singh said he was never a member of RSS and it was for BJP to consider the "wise counsel" of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat who had talked of the need for younger leadership in BJP. Singh said Rajnath Singh called him this morning and told him not to come to the brainstorming session because "tempers are running high".

He said he would go back to Delhi but he was sorry that he was told around 1 pm by Rajnath that he was expelled from the primary membership of the party.

"If they had asked me (to quit) I wouldn`t have said no," he said in reply to a question.

Singh said there ought not to be selectivity on dissent and discussion. "There are members in the party who feel there is a great deal of selectivity," he said.

He also said that it would be the darkest day in Indian politics if debate, discussion was kept aside. "The day we stop reading, writing, thinking and reflecting we will be a poorer nation. More so for a political organisation if it stops reading, writing and thinking. We are entering a very dark alley," he said.

To a question about Sushma Swaraj, Venkaih Naidu and
others no coming to his support, he said, "There must be something wrong with me. If all of have them have collectively felt that by writing a book on Jinnah I’m now heretical and something very wrong will happen if I continue to be there, then good luck to them, good luck to the party that was mine. "

He also said he did not leak the letter which he handed over to the BJP Core Committee after Lok Sabha pol debacle of the party and that he was given the assurance that all the issues raised in the letter would be taken up at the chintan baithak.

“Well the first thing that happened in the Chintan Baithak was that I have been told good bye,” he said. I

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