J’khand CM for sub-committee to analyse NCTC

Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda suggested setting up a sub-committee to analyse and discuss the structure, powers and functioning of the proposed NCTC.

New Delhi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda on Saturday suggested setting up a sub-committee to analyse and discuss the structure, powers and functioning of the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC).

Extending support for setting up an organisation which can effectively deal with the anti-national activities, Munda said, "Kargil and Mumbai attacks have made it clear that terrorist activities in the country are being controlled from outside".

An effort is being made to create a system which will effectively deal with terrorist activities in the country, he said, adding that "Jharkhand government supports setting up of such an organisation."

Wondering why the Centre did not consult the state governments to seek their agreement before taking a decision on NCTC, Munda speaking at the Chief Ministers` conference on NCTC here insisted that any such agency should be formed through an act of the Parliament.

"Several anti-terror laws have been made from time to time and these were ratified in Parliament with consensus from the state governments. It is difficult to understand why such consultations were not held with the state governments before setting up the NCTC", he said.

Seeking discussions on the issue, Munda said, "the union government should set up a sub-committee to hold detailed discussions and analyse the structure, powers and function of the NCTC."

Referring to organisations such as the Multi Agency Centre (MAC) earlier established by the government to tackle terrorist activities, Munda said, "The argument given by the government in favour of NCTC is that it will be the Designated Authority under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act."

On putting the NCTC under the Intelligence Bureau (IB),
he said, the agency should be given an independent status which will help it coordinate with the international agencies.

"The state government suggests that NCTC should be formed under an act of Parliament so that it can coordinate with the international agencies. It has been put under the IB, but it should be given an independent status. The proposals do not clarify NCTC`s status under IB", he said.

The Jharkhand Chief Minister also demanded formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure better coordination among various anti-terrorist agencies.

"Recently, in a meeting with the Home Secretary, the representatives from states suggested forming SOPs. I am happy that the Agenda Note includes a draft of the SOPs... There should be a SOP to ensure coordination between various agencies which investigate terror incidents", he said.

Munda also proposed forming an "Information Database" so that the "State governments can gather information through Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS)."

Government has proposed a Standing Council in the NCTC with the head of anti-terrorist organisation from the states as its members and, "I will suggest that the state intelligence chiefs should also be included in it", Munda said.


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