Jootey bhi khaye, pyaz bhi khaye - Narendra Modi’s answer to PM’s ‘onslaught’

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 23:15

New Delhi: Narendra Modi Wednesday hit back at
the Prime Minister for questioning his secular credentials saying he was talking "the language of the 1980s".

He also accused the government of not reading the pulse of the nation. "Otherwise, it would not have committed the mistake of bringing an ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers," Modi said.

"For some people, secularism is a small tool to throw dust into the eyes of the public. I am surprised at the dialogue of the Prime Minister said during his return from America. These are dialogues of the 1980s. This is the 21st century. Today, people need development...They need to build their futures," he said to a round of applause from college students at a function here.

Modi who spoke to the youth for an hour said Delhi government has no inkling of what people of the nation think otherwise they would not have committed the mistake of bringing an ordinance.
Citing a Hindi proverb, "Jootey bhi khaye, pyaz bhi khaye" (suffered beating by shoes and also forced to eat onions), he said the government was destined to suffer double jeopardy.

"In between, the Prime Minister`s also lost his turban", he said, while making a reference to Rahul Gandhi`s attack on the government on the ordinance on convicted lawmakers when he was abroad.

The Gujarat Chief Minister said the Prime Minister also "lost his voice in America" after the public denouncement of the government on the ordinance.

"This nation needs cleansing of politics. This nation needs a clean government," he said, adding that though people of the country wish corruption is rooted out the determination should begin at the top.
Cautioning the nation against the "onslaught" of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday asked all secular forces to come together against him and expressed the hope that people will vote against BJP by realizing what they are up for.

"I sincerely hope all secular forces will combine to face the onslaught of people like Mr Narendra Modi. You will see that will happen when people realize what they are up for," he said on his return from abroad.


First Published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 23:00
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