Kalam wants ‘good’ law to weed out corruption

Former president APJ Abdul Kalam said there is a need for a "good" law to weed out corruption.

New Delhi: Amid hopes that the Lokpal Bill
will come up in the Budget Session of Parliament, Former
President A P J Abdul Kalam today said there is a need for a
"good" law to weed out corruption.

Kalam also called for a strong youth movement in the
country to ensure that the fight against graft starts at every

Replying to a question on how to deal with corruption,
he said, "(there are) three principles (for this). First one
is youth movement so that every family is clean, the second
one is a law, third one is movement of what can I give,
instead of what can I take."
On whether he approves of the present Lokpal Bill by the
government, Kalam said, "We need a good law, a law will come."

On whether the Lokpal would be enough to weed out
corruption, he said, "Already lots of laws are there, we need
a good law, thats all. But the law will fill up the prisons."

"I am giving two solutions--a youth brigade to clean up
the homes and the second one is every one should have the
feeling of what can I give rather than what can I take," he
Earlier, addressing a function, Kalam underlined the
need for overcoming the challenges of corruption, moral
turpitude, environmental degradation and importance of
building a compassionate society.

"We have many challenges to overcome. They include
corruption, moral turpitude in the nation and environmental
degradation. Also we need to build a compassionate society.

These are the evils which need to be defeated by the goodness
of the youth," he said.

He underlined the need for a second green revolution in
the country by empowering farmers with help of cooperative
societies, water management, by providing them quality seed
and direct access to markets.