Karuna decries labeling Laden`s extremism as `Islamic terror`

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said the path chosen by Osama cannot be labelled as `Islamic terrorism`.

Last Updated: May 03, 2011, 18:16 PM IST

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M
Karunanidhi on Tuesday said slain Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden
"took to extremism` as a means to establish the theory he was
indoctrinated with and the path chosen by him cannot be
labelled as `Islamic terrorism.`

"His teacher had taught him that history is written with
nothing other than blood; that fame is built on skulls and
only dead bodies and skeletons formed the base of honour and
pride. He accepted this in toto and took to extremism as a
tool to establish it during his lifetime," the DMK patriarch

Writing in party mouthpiece `Murasoli,` he said many had
attempted to brand this (path of extremism) as `Islamic

"This is not acceptable. Islam is synonymous with peace.
(Prophet) Muhammed had laid down that Islam is a path of peace
and tolerance and that every Muslim should be in peace with
God and human," he said.

Arguing that any form of terrorism -- right-wing, left-wing
or ultra-nationalist -- should be `nipped in the bud,` he said
history ``shows extremists are there in every religion.``

"There is no second opinion that they should be punished.

However just the anger may be, but justifiying extremism is
not fair. Bin Laden`s end proves the saying that one who takes
to violence will die by violent means. (DMK founder) the late
C N Annadurai had also said that one should not take to
violence," he said.