Kasab confession hides facts: Nikam

While describing Kasab`s confession as a victory of truth, Nikam said the Pak terrorist had hidden facts.

Updated: Jul 20, 2009, 21:47 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: While describing Ajmal Kasab`s confession about his involvement in the 26/11 attacks as a "victory of truth", special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam today said the Pakistani terrorist had intelligently hidden certain facts from the court.

“Kasab has been trained thoroughly in how to handle investigation apart from sophisticated weapons. He has confessed just to avoid severe punishment. I will take this up in the court tomorrow,” Nikam told reporters outside the special court conducting the 26/11 trial. "Kasab is not only a dreaded terrorist but also a good actor," he added.

He, although, admitted being shocked at Kasab’s confession, so soon into the trial.

"The confession came all of a sudden and no one ever thought that Kasab would admit his guilt. He had been trying different tactics since long to wriggle out of the case, for example he said that he was a juvenile," Nikam said.

But how long could the cat be hidden in the bag, he asked, saying that the confession was a result of the efforts of Mumbai Police and the prosecution which produced 134 witnesses before the court.

According to him, the court will now examine Kasab`s statement to see whether it was made under some kind of pressure or whether it was voluntary.

"I have always maintained that Kasab is a great actor and his decision to confess was made after discussing the issue with his lawyer Abbas Kazmi," Nikam said.

Kazmi however denied having planned any such move with Kasab. "I was not aware of Kasab`s decision to confess until
today. It has shocked and surprised me," Kazmi said.

Equally surprised was Special Judge M L Tahiliyani, who
has been conducting the trial from April 17. Following is the excerpt between judge M L Tahilyani and

Judge: "Aaj achanak aapne kyun confess kiya? Jab pehle
charges frame hue toh tab kyun nahi kiya? (Why are you
suddenly confessing? Why did you not confess when the charges
were framed earlier?)"

Kasab: "Pehle Pakistan ne yeh nahi mana tha ki main unka
hoon. Aaj maan liya hai. Isiliye main bayan de raha hoon.
(Initially, Pakistan had not accepted my nationality. Now that
they have, I am confessing)"

Judge: "Aapko kaise pata chala ki Pakistan ne maan liya
hai? (How do you know that Pakistan has admitted?)"

Kasab: "Bas mujhe pata chala. Maine suna ki Pakistan ne
kaha ki Kasab yahan ka hai. (I just came to know. I heard that
Pakistan has said that Kasab is from there.)"

Judge: "Kya tum kisi tarah ke dabav main ho bayan dene ke
liye. (Are you under some pressure to confess?)"

Kasab: "Nahi. (No.)"

Nikam also hinted that Kasab was avoiding to make some information public as the case was entering a crucial phase.

He also said that Kasab’s confession naming Lakhvi and others as also Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency’s filing of a chargesheet naming him as one of the accused in the 26/11 case nailed Pakistan’s assertion that Kasab was not from Pakistan.

“Although he didn’t name Hafiz Saeed and many others who have been named as conspirators by us, I will talk on the same in the court tomorrow,” he added.

On the naming of an alleged Indian, Abu Jindal, by Kasab as the person who taught him Hindi, Nikam said this couldn’t be trusted but the investigation is on.

The public prosecutor refused to give any comments on what punishment would be sought for Kasab

Kasab acting smart: Police

Meanwhile, the policemen, who were in the team that arrested Ajmal Kasab said his confession to the crime was a "smart act" after being cornered and exposed Pakistan`s hand.

N R Mali, Senior Inspector D B Marg police station (who was also instrumental in arresting Kasab) said, "Kasab should have confessed long back..Now after two months into the trial he realised that everything is going against him and that he is in trouble..so he smartly confessed..."

"Kasab`s confession has revealed Pakistan before the whole world..," said Sanjay Govilkar, Assistant police inspector D B Marg police station who was injured while arresting Kasab at Girgaum Chowpatty said.

Govilkar said, "The moment we arrested Kasab, he acted as if he was unconscious and when he was admitted to the hospital he started speaking...this clearly shows the training he has undergone as to how to trick police officials. I am hoping that Kasab is hanged to death thus bringing justice to Tukaram Ombale who fell victim to Kasab`s bullets and other victims."