Kasab verdict – A chronology

Following is the chronology of the 26/11 case against Ajmal Kasab in the Bombay High Court:

Mumbai: Following is the chronology of the
26/11 case against Ajmal Kasab in the Bombay High Court:

Oct 18, 2010: Case begins in High Court, Kasab appears on
screen through video conference.

Oct 19, 2010: Kasab throws tantrums, says he wants to
attend the court in person; spits at camera and says "send me
to America"; judges warn him to behave properly.

Oct 21, 2010: Kasab reiterates before his lawyers that he
wants to appear in the court personally.

Oct 25, 2010: High Court judges view CCTV footage
purportedly showing Kasab and slain terrorist Abu Ismael being
involved in acts of terror.

Oct 27, 2010: Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam justifies the death
sentence awarded to Kasab by trial court.

Oct 29, 2010: Kasab confused trial court by taking
frequent U-turns, argues Nikam.

Nov 19, 2010: Nikam tells court that 26/11 attackers
wanted separate state for Muslims.

Nov 22, 2010: Kasab is a liar and plotter, argues Nikam.

Nov 23, 2010: High Court Judges once again watch CCTV
footages of Kasab and Ismael.

Nov 24, 2010: Nikam tells High Court that the trial court
had erred in partially accepting Kasab`s confession.

Nov 25, 2010: Kasab`s lawyer Amin Solkar begins argument,
says trial was unfair. He demands retrial in the 26/11 case.

Nov 30, 2010: Solkar argues that the charge of "waging
war against the nation" was not made out against Kasab.

Dec 2, 2010: Kasab did not come from Pakistan by dinghy,
his lawyer says and adds that the dinghy cannot accommodate ten

Dec 3, 2010: Police cooked up story to falsely implicate
Kasab, argues his lawyer.

Dec 5, 2010: Prosecution suppressed evidence to nail
Kasab; only some CCTV footages have been shown to the court
and others suppressed, his lawyer Solkar argues.

Dec 6, 2010: Solkar tells High Court that photographs
showing Kasab carrying out acts of terror are morphed.

Dec 7, 2010: Kasab denies killing police officer Hemant
Karkare and two other top cops. His lawyer argues that bullets
in their bodies did not match with Kasab`s rifle.

Dec 8, 2010: Solkar says police staged false encounter at
Girgaum Chowpatty on November 26, 2008 to falsely implicate
Kasab. He denies Kasab`s presence at the spot and says his
arrest was stage-managed.

Dec 9, 2010: Kasab`s lawyer argues that evidence against
him is weak and says he did not kill Karkare.

Dec 10, 2010: Kasab`s lawyers inspect dinghy kept in the
trial court. They claim that the dinghy cannot accommodate ten
persons and the prosecution`s case is false.

Dec 13, 2010: Kasab raises juvenile plea and urges the
court to appoint a panel of medical experts to study his
mental condition.

Dec 14, 2010: Court rejects Kasab`s juvenile plea and
also his demand for medical test to know his mental state.

Dec 21, 2010: Court hears appeal of State against
acquittal of Faheem Ansari in 26/11 case. Faheem produced in
High Court by Uttar Pradesh police as he was in their custody
in another case.

Dec 22, 2010: Prosecutor Nikam argues that the trial
court had erred in acquitting Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin

Jan 5, 2011: Nikam tells Court that Sabauddin and Faheem
are co-conspirators in the 26/11 terror attack case.

Jan 6, 2011: Faheem`s lawyer R B Mokashi refutes
prosecution`s conspiracy charge and says evidence is weak. The
map of targets -- alleged to have been drawn by Faheem and
found in slain terrorist Abu Ismael`s pocket -- is planted, he

Jan 7, 2011: Nikam argues that Faheem cheated Pakistani
government by obtaining passport in fictitious name through
bogus documents.

Jan 10, 2011: Sabauddin is a key conspirator and it was
he who had handed over maps drawn by Faheem to LeT which in
turn gave them to terrorists to execute attacks, says Nikam.

Jan 11, 2011: Nikam denies defence argument that the map
drawn by Faheem was planted on slain terrorist Abu Ismael.

Jan 13, 2011: Sabauddin`s lawyer Ejaz Naqvi denies
Sabauddin`s role in the 26/11 attacks. Evidence against
Sabauddin is weak and without any collaboration, he says.

Jan 17, 2011: Arguments conclude, Court reserves order
till February 7.

Feb 7, 2011: Court says it would pronounce the verdict on
February 21 because of enormous paper work and compilation.

Feb 21, 2011: Court confirms death sentence to Kasab and
acquittal of Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin.


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