Katju praises Pakistani media

Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju praised the Pakistani media for making sacrifices in the fight against "bigoted elements".

New Delhi: Press Council of India Chairman
Markandey Katju on Sunday praised the Pakistani media for playing
a "historical role" and making sacrifices in the fight against
"bigoted and fanatical elements" there bent upon dragging
their society into the "dark ages".

Katju has conveyed his views to the Press Council of
Pakistan and the media there through an Indian press
delegation leaving from Mumbai for Karachi.

Conveying his best wishes to the print and electronic
media in Pakistan, Katju lauded it for playing a "historical

"Despite all its difficulties, the Pakistan media by
and large is honourably discharging its duty to society. The
Pakistan media has made great sacrifices in the face of the
bigoted and fanatical elements who want to drag society back
into the dark middle ages," Katju said in his message.

He maintained that the Indian sub-continent has
"partially emerged" from the feudal age with great
difficulties and sacrifices of our people.
"There are reactionary elements in both India and
Pakistan who want our society to be thrown back into the dark,
feudal age. It is the duty of all persons who want our people
to prosper and get a life of dignity to oppose this
reactionary trend," Katju said.

The former Supreme Court judge appreciated the
"historical and signal role" of the Pakistan media.
"I hope and trust that the Pakistan media will continue
to serve the people honourably, as it has till now, in their
struggle for a better life," he said.


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