Kejriwal accuses Govt of playing power politics

Arvind Kejriwal said that corruption has affected people and made the government system opaque.

Kanpur: Slamming central government over various scams, veteran social activist Anna Hazare`s key aide Arvind Kejriwal has said that the government plays politics of power, corruption, and crime whereas they are fighting for truth, and honesty.

Addressing people at an anti-corruption rally here, Kejriwal said government plays bad politics whereas Anna and his team are fighting for the welfare of the country with honesty.

"These people play politics of power, corruption, and crime and we fight for truth, honesty, and people," said Kejriwal.
Reiterating the importance of an effective Jan Lokpal Bill that will help to counter the problem of rampant corruption in the country, Kejriwal said: "The campaign has been initiated to make the public aware and put pressure on their representatives to support the passage of the Lokpal Bill during the coming Winter Session of Parliament.

Kejriwal also added that corruption has affected people and made the government system opaque.

"The people are distressed with corruption and there is big support for Jan Lokpal (Ombudsman) bill. We conducted referendum at various places and results show that 90 percent of the people want Jan Lokpal bill but some people and media dismissed it by saying that this referendum was conducted by us and questioned the sanctity of the referendum," he said.

"Now this referendum has been conducted by Central Election Commission and Jan Lokpal bill was made an issue and in that Congress was defeated. It is clear that people want a strong Jan Lokpal bill and we want UPA government to introduce Jan Lokpal bill and we are not against UPA government," he added.

Kejriwal also said that every single citizen who is against corruption is a part of the anti-graft campaign.

"We don`t have coordinators, every single man who is against corruption and who doesn`t want corruption is a part of this campaign. When people came to Ramlila Maidan, we didn`t ask people at the entry gate that whether he or she is tainted or not, or whether you have any ambition or not," he added.


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