Kejriwal`s obsession – daily dose of `AAP TV` for the nation

It started as flirtations then graduated to an attempt to consciously seek out of TV cameras before finally turning out into a obsessive desire to hog TV air time - the journey from Aam Aadmi Party to AAP TV.

By Ajith Vijay Kumar | Updated: Mar 07, 2014, 16:32 PM IST

Ajith Vijay Kumar

It started as flirtations then graduated to an attempt to consciously seek out of TV cameras before finally turning out into a obsessive desire to hog TV air time - the journey from Aam Aadmi Party to AAP TV.

In the driving seat through this roller-coaster ride is Arvind Kejriwal. The RTI activist turned politician wants to be the prime minister of the country or at least turn king maker – from forming the party in November 2012 to 7 Race Course Road in May 2014, a supersonic 18 month journey to lead world`s largest democracy, that`s fast; faster than Mars rover`s journey to the red planet!

It all started, in a way, on December 18, when the AAP sent tectonic waves through the established polity by pulling off a stunner in Delhi. By winning 28 of the 70 seats, the AAP captured the imagination of the country and rightly so.

Hope was rekindled in the teeming masses that a new paradigm of change is coming, a new approach to politics and governance.
The media also played an active role in spreading AAP mania, after all, with such an impressive début, AAP looked set for greater heights in the political landscape of the country and the cameras had to be there to capture every move.

Kejriwal was given the power to govern by the people of Delhi, power is the elixir of politics - the ultimate goal, and he was endowed with it on a platter by change seeking Delhiites.

However, the AAP government floundered within days; with controversies galore, Kejriwal`s 49 days in power was marked with run-ins with the system and the obsessive desire to not let the arc lights move away at any cost.

And when the media asked questions, Kejriwal turned against them and called them agents of the political parties, all the while knowing fully well that he can`t do without their continued interest in him and his “mission”.

Kejriwal`s brand of disruptive politics, where everyone else other than the self-righteous AAP converts is either a thief, corrupt or a liar, thrives on the oxygen of sensationalism and drama.

And what better medium than 24X7 TV to multiply the effect and increase the possible gains.
Rest assured, the tamasha has just begun and is expected to reach a crescendo in the days leading to the Lok Sabha polls. With each day passing, more and more TV time is being tactically hogged by Kejriwal and other AAP `Mr and Ms Cleans`.

With opinion polls favouring Narendra Modi as the most probable winner, Kejriwal & co are now devoting all their time and energy to target him. First they threw stones at him from a distance but lack of response from Modi made them head to Gujarat to check out his model of development and “expose” him.

After failing to elicit encouraging response from Aam Gujaratis, he dismissed claims of Gujarat’s development as “bakwas” (rubbish), not satisfied, Kejirwal then wanted to meet – without appointment - Narendra Modi with a list of questions.

Serious questions are staring at Kejriwal`s face on the rowdy behaviour displayed by AAP leaders and workers in Delhi, when they rioted outside BJP headquarters, but he has chosen to brush them aside with a “sorry” and worked relentlessly to divert media attention to his drama in Gujarat.

Kejriwal is desperate to get Modi to join him in a war or words, fully aware that Modi`s elocution skills can`t match up to his expertise in creating hungama (ruckus) on the streets.

Narendra Modi is by far the most targeted and scrutinised politician in recent times. In the years since 2002, his political opponents have left no stone unturned to find chinks in his armour, to find a stick to beat him with, to expose his claims on governance, and here we have Arvind Kejriwal doing all that in just two days.

He lands in Ahmedabad on March 5 and by March 7 he has found 16 questions. Yes he is fast, faster than the Mars rover, but this achievement beats that record as well. What the Congress, with the central government at its disposal, couldn`t do in 10 years, Kejriwal has done in just two days.

Yes, he has the right to ask questions and but what defeats the purpose is the intent behind it- setting the day`s agenda for the media. `Shoot and scoot` is an art that is being practised to perfection by Kejriwal and his followers.

What also needs scrutiny is the fact that the Aam Aadmi Party has a question bank for everyone but never seems interested to answer posers on their governance track record, policies and conduct.

But for now, `Mission Gujarat` over, it’s back to centre-stage Delhi to treat every ready news channel cameras with more of his TRP feeding theatrics.

Can`t escape AAP TV!!!