KNPP:3 women CMs urged to rescind all nuke deals

An anti-nuclear forum on Sunday requested three women Chief Ministers to take steps to rescind all nuclear deals signed by the Centre.

Chennai: An anti-nuclear forum spearheading
the stir against Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant on Sunday
requested women Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh
and West Bengal to take steps to rescind all nuclear deals the
Centre has signed with US, Russia, France and other nations.

In a letter to them, the People`s Movement Against
Nuclear Energy urged `the three popular and bold leaders` to
bring it up at the coming Chief Ministers` conference and take
steps to rescind all such agreements signed with these three
countries and other nations.

Alleging that these are affecting Indian fishermen,
farmers, Dalit workers and other deprived sections, it said
the country`s nuclear performance has been "quite dismal,
insignificant and wasteful."

"Even after spending so much money, resources, time and
national energies for the past 63 years, they produce hardly
2.5 per cent electricity and have done little for the
betterment of our people," the letter said.

PMANE also alleged that the nuclear department meddles in
national politics and that `invigorating this department
further would lead only to slavery and not salvation."

"As women leaders with motherly concern for the people who
enjoy people’s trust and huge political mandate, you are the
hopes of our country’s youth and children," the letter signed
by PMANE convenor SP Udayakumar said.