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Lack of good governance is like diabetes: Narendra Modi

Lack of good governance is like diabetes which affects each and every part of the body, said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as he addressed the Global Meet of Emerging Markets Forum.

Zee Media Bureau/Hemant Abhishek

New Delhi: Lack of good governance is like diabetes which affects each and every part of the body, said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as he addressed the Global Meet of Emerging Markets Forum via video conferencing on Monday.

Addressing delegates from across the globe, he emphasised on the need for transparency in the manner governments function today and stressed on the need for constant dialogue between the administrators and the `janta`.

“Problem is we take government as provider and this prevents people from being active partners in development. Those in the government have to understand that people`s good is the biggest agenda,” he said talking about the need for the politics of development in today’s times.

Narrating his experiences at the helm of Gujarat, he said it was important to listen to what the people of the state required as that is the key to planning welfare schemes and development. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) nominee for the post of prime minister said, “Governments are guardians of people interests. Humility is important and governments must accept collective wisdom of people. People are ready to listen for development.”

A lacuna in dialogue and development leads to discontent among people, he said, and added, “Problem comes when disconnect comes and the ruling class forgets voters after elections.”

Stressing on the ‘power of people’ and the need to reach out to all strata of electorates and society, the Gujarat CM said, “We need to keep decentralizing once they become mature. We need to enhance our own capacity to listen. In a democracy listening to people is a must.”

Listing out key areas he felt that needed to be stressed upon, he said, “First is enhancing level of harmony. Many villages where elections are held unanimously, they are held as celebrations. There are no fights. Women are getting elected.”

Second area that needed looking into was —enhancing the level of participation of people from all walks and all levels of society. “We need to move ahead from representation to participation. We have made programmes where people participation is the key especially in the social sectors like education, health,” the Gujarat CM averred.

Third necessary step to enhance democratic core of the country was the enhancement of level of information, he said, and added, “Present age is the age of information. Governments cannot run from secret files - that time has gone.”

Not every difficult step is opposed, he said, provided it is for the larger good. “People are ready for bitter-pills too, only assurance they want is what is being done is for a greater good,” he said.

Narrating how the energy sector was in a bad shape when he first became the CM of Gujarat, he said he met farmers and took the challenge head on. “I told them what they need is not electricity but they need water. I appealed to them for water conservation through micro irrigation. Government and people worked together and we do lots in water harvesting in the state. Underground water table has risen. Expenses of farmers have reduced and they have diversified their crops also. ‘Per drop, more crop’ is our slogan. Now, our average annual growth rate in agriculture is over 10%.”

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