Lalgarh massacre: WB govt opposes CBI probe

WB govt opposed CBI probe & said CID should be allowed to continue investigation in Lalgarh case.

Updated: Jan 13, 2011, 18:20 PM IST

Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Thursday
opposed a CBI probe into the Lalgarh massacre that claimed
seven lives as also compensation and told the Calcutta High
Court that the CID be allowed to continue the investigation.

Denying that the CID would not be able to properly
investigate as alleged by the petitioner, Calcutta High Court
Bar Association in a PIL, the government said in its affidavit
that it would make all efforts to ensure that the actual
culprits were punished in accordance with law.

Not answering directly to the charge of existence of
CPI(M) armed camps in West Midnapore district, the affidavit
stated that it would ensure that no camp existed for storing
arms and weapons by any political party.

"With regard to `dismantling` of camps allegedly at
the behest of CPI(M) ... the state government shall ensure so
that no camp exists for the purpose of storing arms and
weapons by or at the behest of any political party," the
affidavit, signed by state Home Secretary G D Gautama said.

The affidavit stated that 25 CPI(M) party flags fixed
on bamboo sticks and four leaflets of the CPI(M) were among
the items seized from the two-storyed house of Rathin Dandapat
at Netai village, from where the firing on villagers took
place on January seven.

It said that two single barrel guns were seized from
the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Centre there
and a cylindrical shaped canon from the house of Dandapat
where the `Harmad Camp` was set up.

The state also opposed any interim compensation to the
victims stating that the result of the investigation will be
essential prior to deciding such compensation.