Left gives fresh notice for discussion in Par on price rise

Left parties on Tuesday made a fresh demand for discussion on the price situation in Parliament tomorrow under rules which entail voting, after both Houses were adjourned following opposition ruckus over the issue.

New Delhi: Left parties on Tuesday made a fresh
demand for discussion on the price situation in Parliament
tomorrow under rules which entail voting, after both Houses
were adjourned following opposition ruckus over the issue.

"We have submitted fresh notices in both Houses for
discussion on the matter tomorrow under rules which entail
voting. The notices have been submitted as an adjournment
motion in Lok Sabha and under Rule 168 in Rajya Sabha," CPI(M)
leaders Sitaram Yechury and Basudeb Acharia said here.
"There have been several debates on price rise in both the
Houses, but there has been no action by the government. Unless
you have the pressure of voting, they will not act. Our move
is intended to put pressure on the government," Yechury said.

The Left parties had served similar notices for debate on
the issue today also.

Maintaining that stocks of rice and wheat in government
godowns were more than double the required quantity, he said
"the grain is rotting as they are lying in the open at many
places like Punjab. Why is the government holding on to them?
Why can`t it release them to the state governments for
distribution through the PDS".

Reiterating the Left demand for banning of futures and
forward trading in essential commodities and universalising
PDS, Yechury said the government was not willing to accept
these demands. "People continue to suffer as government says
`good monsoons will lead to good harvest`".

Pointing out that debate on price rise under an
adjournment motion was allowed in April 2000 in the Lok Sabha,
Acharia said there was no ground for the government to suggest
that a discussion under a rule which entails voting cannot be

"If they are sure of their numbers, why are they afraid of
allowing a debate under an adjournment motion? Rules do not
prevent it," Acharia maintained.

Acharia and Yechury said the Left parties have met leaders
of TDP, BJD and AIADMK to firm up floor coordination on the
issue in the two Houses and would talk to Samajwadi Party and
RJD tomorrow.

Besides the price rise issue, the CPI(M) would raise
issues concerning the Bhopal gas disaster. "Dow Chemicals must
be held responsible for clearing toxic waste lying in Bhopal
for the past 26 years", Yechury said.

He said the government should learn from the US, with
which it has a strategic relationship, as to how it was
handling the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and asked British
Petroleum to spend USD two billion for compensation. "But here
we are completely exonerating Dow," he said.
The CPI(M) would also seek a discussion on illegal mining
and demand nationalisation of mineral resources which were
being "exported freely".

The major Left party would ask the government to take
stern action to contain Hindutva terror, saying evidence
gathered by investigating agencies have already pointed
towards links between several terrorist incidents like
Malegaon, Ajmer and Hyderabad blasts and Samjhauta Express

"We would equally want firm action against Muslim
extremist organisations like the Popular Front of India (in
Kerala). We are opposed to extremism of all varieties,"
Yechury said.

The recent spate of train accidents would also be strongly
raised, with the CPI(M) leader saying that the number of
accidents in one year has been "unprecedented".

"It is not a matter of politics (Trinamool Congress chief
Mamata Banerjee being the Railway Minister). Railways carry a
very huge number of people each day and it is an institution
which binds India`s integrity. If its safety standards are
jeopardised, then it is a matter of grave concern," he said.

Describing the Jammu and Kashmir situation as "very
critical", Yechury said the government should send an
all-party parliamentary delegation there and initiate dialogue
with all shades of public opinion to resolve the issue.

The issue of 70-day old blockade in Manipur and passage of
women`s reservation bill in Lok Sabha would also be raised by
the party, he said.

Yechury also sought sending of an all-party team to Tamil
refugee camps in Sri Lanka and demanded that government must
impress upon Colombo to provide relief and rehabilitation to
the Tamilians and work on granting full autonomy to Tamil
regions under a united Sri Lankan framework.

Asked about the recent disclosure of secret US documents
showing ISI links with Taliban, Yechury said the issue should
be raised in the India-Pakistan talks. "That is why the talks
are necessary. These are documentary evidences and that is why
talks are necessary," he added.


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