Malnourishment among children is PM`s shame: JD(U)

JD(U) leader Shivanand Tiwari described 42% child malnourishment rate below 5 years as the PM Manmohan Singh`s `shame` and not that of the country.

Patna: Senior JD(U) leader Shivanand Tiwari
today described 42 per cent malnourishment rate among the
children below five years as the Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh`s `shame` and not that of the country and attributed the
problem to the latter`s wrong economic policies.

"The PM should treat 42 per cent malnourishment among
the children as his personal shame and not that of the country
as he has led the economic reforms since the past two
decades," he told reporters here.

"Singh should take moral responsibility for high
malnourishment among the children and poverty in the rural
areas," Tiwari and attacked the economic reforms undertaken by
the former, first as the finance minister and then as the
prime minister in the past two decades.

The PM should realise that his economic reforms
process has created a wide gulf between the rich and the poor
in the country in which only 10 per cent people have
benefited, while the rest of the population were struggling
for livelihood.
The JD(U) MP criticised the PM for often referring to
malnourishment figure among children as national shame, but
doing precious little to alleviate their conditions and said
that there was no no reference to this problem and its
redressal in the last budget.

The UPA government should ensure that the plight of
the children must be addressed in the next budget, Tiwari