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Manmohan Singh`s press conference - As it happened

For me Mrs Gandhi`s help has been enormous, she had backed me up in various difficult times. Has been a remarkable achievement that I have been able to complete 10 years as PM without any hiccups with the party or Sonia Gandhi - PM

Zee News Bureau/Ajith Vijay Kumar

12:17 pm: Have tried to serve country with greatest commitment and dedication: PM

12:15 pm: Will continue to improve investment climate, says the PM. He adds that he would like to see anti-corruption and women’s reservation bills passed.

12:14 pm: Would have liked to do more in the area of healthcare: PM

12:13 pm: Not thought through what I will do after my tenure completes: PM

12:12 pm: 1984 riots should never have happened. Compensation never adequate for riot victims, but our desire was to provide succour - PM

12:11 pm The general perception was the Congress can never run a coalition government, we have shown that Congress can manage a coalition not one but two terms. There have been some comprises but they we on peripheral issues - PM

12:10 pm India provides a hospitable environment for foreign direct investment – Manmohan Singh

12:09 pm: Only time will tell whether Aam Aadmi Party is capable of dealing with challenges of economy and polity - PM

12:07 pm We have five months, still a long period for us to revive the growth economy - PM

12:04 pm Dealing with corruption is not a easy process even though there will be opportunities as well as challenges. Various political parties will have to work together to deal with this monster – Manmohan Singh

12:03 pm The best moment for me when we were able to strike a nuclear deal with the United States – Manmohan Singh

12 noon: Spoken to Sri Lanka to address genuine problem of Tamils: PM

11:59 am Nobody has asked me to stepped down because of any inadequacies that may have arose during my tenure as prime minister - PM

11:49 am: If I can revive growth in remaining tenure would consider job well done: PM

11:48 am: Reasonably satisfactory performance delivered - PM on how he would rate his government. The growth momentum has been sustained despite the challengers - PM

11:47 am I would very much like to go to Pakistan. I was born in a village part of West Punjab. I still haven’t given hope of going to Pakistan before I complete my tenure but given circumstances, would a trip be productive? - Manmohan Singh

11:46 am: For me Mrs Gandhi`s help has been enormous. She had backed me up in various difficult times. Has been a remarkable achievement that I have been able to complete 10 years as PM without any hiccups with the party or Sonia Gandhi - PM

11:45 am I do not believe that I am a weak Prime Minister – Manmohan Singh

11:44 am: We were once close to deal with Pakistan: PM

11:43 am: Strong leader does not mean you preside over massacre of innocent people - PM

11:42 am: I have full confidence that the next prime minister will be from the UPA coalition, without discussing the merits of Narendra Modi. I think it will be disastrous to have him as the prime minister - PM said in response to Zee News Correspondent Dilip Tiwari`s question.

11:43 am: I have done best that was possible in given circumstances: PM on reining in Cabinet Ministers in corruption cases

11:42 am: Parliamentary system best suited for India, presidential system will be counter-productive: PM

11:41 am: I have tried to serve this country with utmost dedication, I have not used my office to reward my friends or relatives - PM

11:40 am: There have been recently some hiccups,but these are temporary aberrations, diplomacy should be given a chance - PM on US relations

11:37 am: Highest priority to strengthen partnership with US - PM

11:34 am: I am the same person as I was nine years ago. I have tried to serve the country with utmost sincerity and dedication - PM

11:33 am Reforms is not a event it is a process, so long as we are in power we will continue with the process - Manmohan Singh

11:30 am: Spoken whenever it was necessary, says PM on his long silences

11:29 am We have done a lot of work to implement the Sachar Committee recommendations but the benefits have not fully reach the people. Lot of scholarships given to students from minority community - PM

11:28 am We have taken enough measures to protect the weaker sections of the society against price rise - PM

11:27 am I will be honest enough to say that it could be that prise rise could be a factor for people turning against the Congress party - PM

11:26 am: Never felt any need to resign during my tenure, says the PM.
11:25 am Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be nominated as the PM candidate - PM

11:23 am As far as the chargers of corruption are concerned most of these charges are from the UPA1 era. We went to the electorate on the basis of performance in that period and the people of gave us the mandate to govern for another five years, so whether these issues which are raised time-to-time one must not forget that they belonged not the UPA 2 period. The people of India do not seem to have paid heed to these charges of corruption which have been levelled against me and my party - PM

11:22 am: Manmohan Singh sidesteps question on choice of UPA’s PM candidate for next elections, saying the Congress president has said that the party will announce the PM candidate at the appropriate time - PM

11:21 am: Manmohan Singh indicates he would not like to be PM candidate for third term, says: "In a few months time after the next general elections, I will hand over the baton to a new prime minister, I hope it will be a UPA government"

11:20 am: Several problems like coal block allocation emanated from tenures before UPA - PM

11:19 am: Will make defence investments to ensure security.

11:18 pm: Steps taken to make spectrum and coal block allocations more transparent. Media sometimes played into hands of Opposition - PM

11:17 pm: We have passed several laws despite logjams - PM

11:16 amWorld around us is becoming more challenging, we should recognise it and deal with it - Manmohan Singh

We are are deeply committed to the objective of combating corruption. Governance has been made more answerable as never before - PM

11:15 am: Public concern on high profile corruption cases, we have taken steps to change the process so that these problems do not arise in the future, any wrongdoing will be punished through due process of law - PM

11:13 am There is a need to improve food supplies, marketing logistics. Food Security Act will shield the common man from inflation. - PM

11:12 amWe have also not been as successful in controlling inflation because food inflation has increased. Those who produce food gained from price rise - PM

11:11 am I am not concerned that we are not successful as we should have been in generating employment in manufacturing sector - PM

11:10 am Education is key part of our strategy. I take great pride that we have changed the educational landscape of the country. - PM

11:09 am: Rural consumption has increased four times faster than previously: PM

11:08 am: We are socially inclusive: PM

11:07 am The rate of growth of achieved in the past 9 years is the highest for any 9-year period - PM
11:07 am Economies have ups and downs and we should not focus on the sort term - PM

11:05 am Our party did not do well but but we will reflect on what went wrong - PM

11:05am Our people have demonstrated their faith in the institution of democracy by voting in record numbers - PM

11:04 am India`s growth momentum will revive. Nine percent growth we achieved has been highest in any nine years - PM

11:03 am I do believe that we are set for better times, the cycle of global economic growth is turning for the better – Manmohan Singh

It is only the third occasion during UPA`s 10-year rule when he will face the media. In his New Year message, Manmohan Singh said it is time to make a "new beginning" and take "corrective action".

The UPA government and the Congress party had been going through trying times all through last year. The slide in Congress` popularity became apparent by the drubbing the party faced in the recently-held Assembly Elections in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

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