Maya`s decision to split UP a political stunt: BJP

BJP on Tuesday termed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati`s decision to divide the state into four parts as a "political stunt".

New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday termed Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Mayawati`s decision to divide the state into
four parts as a "political stunt" before the Assembly
elections and indicated that one of these states will have a
Muslim majority which could lead to "Kashmir-like" problems.

BJP leader Uma Bharti said this decision was
"completely a political stunt" and Mayawati had consulted
other political parties to form a consensus on the issue
before making the announcement.
"She has made this announcement just before the
elections and acted unmindful of the sentiments of the local
people," Bharti, who is in charge of the party`s affairs in
Uttar Pradesh, said.

Ideologically, BJP has always been in favour of
smaller states and had formed Uttaranchal, Jharkhand and
Chhattisgarh in 2000 when the NDA was in power at the Centre.
It also supports the demand for Telangana.

However, BJP is concerned that carving out a separate
state from Western UP may go against it as it will have a
Muslim majority and the party is not likely to win seats here.
Though no leader spoke on this aspect of the issue, the party
gave indications to this effect.

"Before forming a new state the opinion of the local
people should be taken, the demographic profile of the new
state should be kept in mind, geographical concerns should be
addressed and logistical issues should be looked into," Bharti

BJP leaders cite the example of Kashmir where the
Muslims are in a minority and "have forced the Kashmiri
pandits to flee from the state". Some in the party feel
Paschim Pradesh may witness a similar scenario with Hindus at
the receiving end.

Bharti said Mayawati`s announcement today has been made
keeping the forthcoming Assembly elections in mind.
"The States Reorganisation Commission has not been formed
and the Centre was not apprised of this move before the
announcement. So, before the states are formed the elections
will be over," Bharti said.

BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar alleged that Mayawati
had taken this decision "without discussing, debating or
examining" the issue during four and a half years of her rule.

"All of a sudden this announcement has been made before
the elections. Her government has been issuing advertisements
making claims about work which has actually not been done (on
the ground). Also, after allowing all sections to target
Brahmins in the state, she is saying they are under attack,"
Javadekar said.

He levelled charges against the Congress too on this
issue, saying it has failed to form Telangana, a demand which
has been pending for so many years.
"We do not know if the Congress has supported
Mayawati`s decision. They have not accepted the demand for
Telangana. At the moment, BJP is fighting for Telangana.
States are not made in this manner (as announced by
Mayawati)," Javadekar said.

Asked which way the BJP will vote if the issue comes
up in the UP Assembly, the party was evasive.

"But Mayawati knows this will not be implemented now
and so this is a political stunt. It has not come to the
Vidhan Sabha yet. We will decide which way to vote and also
express our views on this issue in the Assembly when the issue
comes up," Javadekar said.


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