Modi playing polarisation politics in Northeast: Sharma

Rejecting Narendra Modi`s contention that Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated while "infiltrators" must be sent back, Congress said Gujarat CM was trying to play polarisation politics.

PTI| Updated: Feb 22, 2014, 23:27 PM IST

New Delhi: Rejecting Narendra Modi`s contention that Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated in the country while "infiltrators" must be sent back, Congress on Saturday said the Gujarat Chief Minister was trying to play a polarisation politics based on religion.

"He (Modi) is trying again to create a polarisation based on religion. He wants to create a false fear and panic. I do not know what he is seeking to achieve. People of Assam, North East will see through because what he says militates against the fact and the truth," senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said here.

Rejecting Modi`s allegation about infiltration in the North Eastern state, he said , "I reject his charges. It is baseless. It is divisive. It is irresponsible. He is deliberately doing this."

Modi at a rally in Silchar today batted for Hindu migrants from Bangladesh, asserting that they must be accomodated in this country while "infiltrators" who form the vote bank must be sent back.

Sharma said that Modi is known for "loud and false" claims and "theatrical" actions.

"That is what he is all about. He is not a man of substance who understands India. You can not expect Modi to understand North East or for that matter India as a whole," he said.

"He is a demagogue, divisive personality...It is now for the people to judge him. I think even the BJP leadership should be worried that what kind of obsessed individual they are projecting. But I know they are helpless because it is the RSS which has decided and foisted Modi on them. They had no other option but to rubber stamp Modi," Sharma said.

On NCP leader Sharad Pawar statement that he will not go with Modi, Sharma said NCP is a strong ally of Congress.

"NCP will not embrace the ideology and philosophical approach (of Modi) which is repugnant to the mainstream India," he said.