Modi won’t campaign in Bihar: BJP

Narendra Modi`s magic need not work at "every place", says Sushma Swaraj.

Patna: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra
Modi is unlikely to campaign for the Bihar Assembly polls as
his magic need not work at "every place", senior BJP leader
Sushma Swaraj said Monday.

At the same time, Swaraj made it clear that Bihar
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had not put any condition on the
issue of Modi campaigning.

She said that it would be better if the "old
arrangement" continued under which Modi had not campaigned
during the 2005 Bihar Assembly polls and the 2009 general

"Modi`s magic and charisma have worked in Gujarat ...
but it is not necessary that everybody`s magic works at every

"In Bihar, the magic of Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar
Modi is at the work ... and we are confident of our victory
for carrying forward development," Swaraj told reporters here.

"Nitishji has put no condition before us whether or
not Narendra Modi should campaign in Bihar. The decision who
should or should not campaign in Bihar has been the sole
discretion of BJP," she said.

On the recent statement of chief minister that the
ideology of the JD(U) was different from that of BJP, she
said, "If the ideology of both parties were similar, then both
will have merged into one party.

"Kumar has been right in his stand that though the
ideologies of the two parties are different, we have worked
together keeping in view the Common Minimum Programme (CMP)
for governance and delivered the goods," she said.

Swaraj said the NDA in Bihar represented an example of
`gatbandhan dharma` (coalition politics).

She said that the Congress` charge that Gujarat was `a
laboratory of RSS` was one out of frustration.

"The Congress has faced a complete rout in elections
to urban and rural bodies in Bihar and, therefore, is making
baseless allegations," Swaraj said.