Narendra Modi plays victim, says his personal life, caste under attack

Narendra Modi on Friday accused Congress and its chief Sonia Gandhi for resorting to "low-level" politics and raising issues from his personal life to his caste in their bid to prevent him from coming to power.

New Delhi: Narendra Modi on Friday accused Congress and its chief Sonia Gandhi for resorting to "low-level" politics and raising issues from his personal life to his caste in their bid to prevent him from coming to power.

Addressing his last of the 12 rounds of 3D hologram rallies which have so far covered 1,300 locations across the country, he appealed to the Election Commission for deploying central forces in the last phase of polling to ensure free, fair and peaceful voting and maintain law and

"For the last two months, I have faced continuous dirty attacks on me. I have been facing the dirt thrown on me due to the blessings of God and the people. You gave a communal colour to this election and raised issues from my childhood to my personal life. You even dragged my
mother into the controversy who is not in public life...

"You stooped so low in this election that you made remarks even on my caste and are making false allegations...You abuse Modi or you hang Modi. But why target a small caste which does not even have half a per cent vote..?.

"Where are you headed, my Congress friends? There is a limit to speak a lie. You have crossed all limits. And now, Madam Sonia is teaching us `tehzeeb` (manners). Madam Sonia, you will now teach us `tehzeeb`," he said addressing the last 3D rally.

Modi urged the Election Commission to deploy central forces in the 42 remaining Lok Sabha constituencies that go to polls in the last phase of polling on May 12 and asked why central forces cannot be moved to ensure free and fair poll and maintain law and order.

"The polling on 12th May is important as such people are contesting who do not believe in the laws. I urge the Election Commission, you become an umpire and I will praise you on the 16th of May. Deploy central forces by not depending on state police to maintain law and order so that no mistake is repeated," he said.

Attacking Sonia Gandhi, Modi said "don`t put finger in my mouth. Who is indulging in low-level politics and politics of untouchability?...If providing employment to the youth, water and money to
farmers to prevent their suicide and providing education to the poor is low thinking, then Modi is ready to accept that he is doing low-level politics."
He also cited examples of a Kerala minister being questioned for visiting Gujarat to learn about the state`s development model and later a Left party Muslim MP was expelled for praising the Gujarat model.

Modi also cited the example of Congress leaders attacking Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar for expressing her view in his favour and Amitabh Bachchan for being a brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism.

He also said three economists of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, of which Sonia is the Chairperson, were sacked after they praised the Gujarat model.

"So much you fear of losing power that you even sent a research team to my village to ascertain if I grew up selling tea in my early days.

You mocked and insulted me. Congress should know defeat comes and goes but why stoop to such low levels," he said.

Modi said despite Congress` negativity, he will continue to remain on the agenda of development and good governance and not be diverted.

"For Congress and UPA, these elections were a joke. Their attitude has been non-serious right from Day 1," he said.

The BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate also urged the voters of Bihar, Uttar pradesh and West Bengal, including that of his own Varanasi constituency, to come out in large numbers and break polling records by voting in favour of BJP.

"We said good days are coming...And the start is made. The Supreme Court has taken a step to give justice to those who lost money in Sharada scam," he said, while raising the issue of the apex court ordering a CBI probe into Sharada chit fund scam in West Bengal.
Modi said Congress was worried as it was "losing" in Amethi where Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is contesting.

"Congress is worried as they are losing in Amethi. Amethi has decided that the injustice of years has to be answered," he said.

Taking a dig at "news readers", he said fatigue may have set in air-conditioned rooms in Delhi but not among the people.

Modi, who has been claiming to be a night watchman (chowkidar) to guard the nation against corruption, attacked Rahul Gandhi for his barbs at him that chowkidars can also steal.

"You are accusing chowkidars of stealing....... Here even Dabbawallas transport meals of prisoners lodged in jails but they do not steal even a chapati out of their tiffin box despite being hungry," he added.

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