Narendra Modi talks of ‘one day governance’ at urban meet

One day cricket is famous, we started one day governance. There are some services, you come in the day and it’s done by evening – Narendra Modi

By Ajith Vijay Kumar | Updated: Oct 17, 2013, 12:29 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Ajith Vijay Kumar

11.30 am: One day cricket is famous, we started one day governance. There are some services, you come in the day and it’s done by evening – Narendra Modi

11.25 am: When world is talking of global warming we want to make Gandhinagar a solar city, says Modi

11.22 am: We will be marking the 75th year of India’s independence in 2022. Can we motivate people- this is how our city will be in 2022? Modi

The second occasion is Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary in 2019. We should end the scourge of manual scavenging by then and restore honour of our Valmiki brothers?

11.20 am: Today the workforce is largely clerical staff but we need more technocrats and engineers - Narendra Modi

11.18 am: Cities need people participation model. I say PPPP (People Public Private Participation) model.

11.17 am: Gujarat has introduced RURBAN concept ‘Aatma Gaanv Ki, Suvidha Sheher Ki’, if a person will get all the modern facilities like healthcare and education in villages then why will he migrate to cities? Modi

11.15 am: There is need to address the collective aspirations of villages along with that of cities.

11.12 am: I proposed that 500 cities should be identified and work on solid waste management there. I am no economist but I suggested an economic model for it. If we were to produce organic fertiliser and give it to the farmers in the vicinity of cities to produce vegetables, as organic fertiliser costs less than chemical fertiliser, this model will also ensure a reduction in price of vegetables, but there was no answer from the Centre - Modi

11.08 am: One day I met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and discussed issues – only I spoke - related to urban renewal so as to ensure that there is no conflict between villages and urban centres over resources.

11.07 am: Urbanisation is happening at a great pace in the country. Over 25 crore more people are set to live in India’s cities - Modi

11.05 am: Urbanisation is not a challenge, why not consider it a strength? Modi

11 am: Here we can share our experiences and even learn from others, says Modi

10.57 am: Cities are a centre of job opportunities and progress, we need to rethink our urban development plans - Narendra Modi

10.55 am If we share our experiences then there is no need to bring anything from outside, says the Gujarat Chief Minister.

10.53 am: Through this urban Parliament, 34% of India’s population has found representation today - Modi

10.50 am: 26 states of India are represented here, 134 Mayors & Dy Mayors are here, says Modi

10.47 am: The world believes that India ‘takes a long time to complete projects, can’t we change this? The venue of today’s summit Mahatma Mandir was constructed with 182 days - Modi

10.45 am: A mini form of urban India is here today, I welcome you all. It is like an unofficial Parliament of urban India, says Modi.

Narendra Modi was speaking at the National Summit on Inclusive Urban Development at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.

The summit will see various presentations on the requirements of urban development and inclusive urban development, and participation by experts from across the country and abroad.

Gujarat Urban Development Minister Anandibaen Patel also spoke at the summit. In her inaugural address, she said, “Role of cities in development of nations & societies has always been there. I see it not as a challenge but an opportunity.”

The minister also highlighted the achievements of Gujarat government in developing its cities and claimed that Gujarat has presented a new model in urban development.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Ambassador of Japan to India Takeshi Yagi, president of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dr M Ramachandran, former secretary urban development, government of India.