Narendra Modi`s Kolkata rally: As it happened

The rally is being held at the Brigade Parade Grounds in Kolkata, the same venue where CM Mamata Banerjee had on Jan 30 attracted a huge crowd of five lakh people.

By Supriya Jha | Last Updated: Feb 06, 2014, 17:17 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

4: 01 pm: Modi concludes his speech with numerous chants of `Vande Mataram`.

4: 00 pm: I say, support the BJP and we will give you Surajya (good governance), says Modi.

3: 59 pm: Don`t forget, the Congress insulted Pranab Mukherjee. In 2004, also Pranab was the seniormost, and Congress should have made him the Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi`s death. but Sonia Gandhi chose Manmohan Singh. The (Gandhi) family denied Pranab Mukherjee the chance to become Prime Minister in 1984 and 2004.

3: 58 pm: When Indira ji was assassinated, Rajiv Gandhi was in Kolkata. Then the senior most Minister Pranab da should have been the PM.

3: 57 pm: If you all vote for the BJP, the Lotus, you will enjoy a three fold advantage - Mamata ji will be here as CM, I will work in Delhi & your very own Pranab Da as the President, says Narendra Modi

3: 57 pm: I have a very clear definition of secularism - There is only one religion for the govt - nation first, only one religious granth (book) -- the Constitution of India.

3: 56 pm: Be it Assam or West Bengal, the influx of Bangladesh is a big concern. People of India should have the first right to employment & development, says Modi.

3: 53 pm: Whenever polls approach, the political leaders resort to talking about just two things - the poor and the secularism. They start harking the same old songs of secularism. They have reduced the Muslims to a mere vote bank, says Narendra Modi.

3: 50 pm: Third Front will make India Third Grade and we need to reject them forever..In the Western side, none of the Third Front people have ruled. It is different here and result is lack of development.. says Modi.

3: 46 pm: Do you people get electricity? There is enough coal in the state but no electricity, why? questions Modi.

3: 45 pm: Only hard labour should be considered as the capital. Shram Ko Punji Mana Jaye. Shram Ki Pratishtha Ho...our Mantra is Shrameva Jayate, says Narendra Modi.

3: 44 pm: Why is agriculture not developing in West Bengal? Why is the development is lagging despite enormous number of youth? asks Modi.
3: 42 pm: Bengal is a land blessed by both Lakshmi ji and Saraswati ji. Hence, it can contribute a lot to the nation: Narendra Modi

3: 40 pm:People of West Bengal are revolutionary. Your anger is amazing. You took a big decision in the State Elections now take a brave decision in 2014: Modi.

3: 35 pm: Do an experiment this time. During 2014 elections, let all seats from West Bengal come to the BJP. Voting for Mamata Banerjee will be a waste, says Modi.

3: 33 pm: You the citizens of Bengal, bid goodbye to those who ruined West Bengal for 35 years. You voted for "porivorton" that is change. But can you feel the change? says Modi.

3: 31 pm: Today, the country needs development. The ill need medicines. The poor need food, The youth need employment. Villages should get electricity. Children must get education. But the political parties don`t care for these basic human necessities. So out motto is - vikas bhi, imaan bhi, garibo ka samman bhi.

3: 29 pm:2014 Lok Sabha Elections are here. These elections are going to be very different, calculations of political Pundits will go wrong: Modi.

3: 28 pm: In West Bengal, it is natural to remember Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee. He had said that nation will not progress under Congress. Today the country needs an alternative political thought, political stage.

3: 27 pm: Swami Vivekananda dreamt of a Jagat Guru Bharat. India was a Vishwa Guru when Bengal was Rashtra Guru, says Modi.

3: 26 pm: Gujarat and Bengal share a special relationship, says Modi.

3: 22 pm: Modi hails the crowd, marvelling at the humongous number of people who have come to attend the rally. He takes a dig at the people mulling to form Third Front, tells them to come over there in a chopper and have a look at the huge crowd.

3: 20 pm: Modi greets the crowd in Bengali, likening the people of Bengal to Roshogulla and sandesh.

3: 17 pm: Modi arrives at the stage, starts speaking.

3: 16 pm: If you see English alphabet, N comes after M. And as the current PM of India is Manmohan Singh, hence the next PM of India will be from the letter N - Narendra Modi, says Rajnath Singh.

3: 11 pm: Dividing forces at work in West Bengl. But BJP indulges in the politics of nation-building, society-building.
People must come and see the state of Gujarat, its prosperity.

3: 00pm: CPM has started only one industry in Bengal - that is - Murder industry, says Rajnath.

2: 50pm: BJP chief Rajnath Singh arrives at the stage.

2: 40pm: Chants of Narendra Modi Swagatam, Rajnath ji Swagatam reverberate the ground.

2:38 pm: Telling the people to wait peacefully for Modi, Shahnawaz leaves the stage.

2:35 pm: We want to go to the people with agenda of development and we want to do against corruption - Shahnawaz Hussain

2:33 pm: All those who are at 3rd number in the states are forming 3rd fronts -Shahnawaz Hussain

2:32 pm: There is one leader who can bring Bengal back on track once again and that is Narendra Bhai, says Hussain

2:30 pm: BJP spokesperson and former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussain arrives at the dias.

2: 20 pm: Campaigning for the BJP, Bappi da starts singing his famous song, chiro dini and alters the song ending it with “BJP aamra tomaye bhalo bhashi meaning, “BJP – we all love you!”

2: 10 pm: Noted music director Bappi Lahiri arrives at the dais.

Kickstarting the saffron party`s poll campaign in West Bengal, the BJP`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday landed on the Mamta Banerjee`s bastion to address a rally here.

The rally is being held at the Brigade Parade Grounds in Kolkata, the same venue where CM Mamata Banerjee had on Jan 30 attracted a huge crowd of five lakh people.

The BJP says it expects a crowd of two lakh people to turn out at the `Jan Chetana Sabha` rally.

Addressing the Bengali crowd before Modi, will be BJP president Rajnath Singh, Former Union minister from West Bengal Tapan Sikdar, Former Jharkhand chief minister Arjun Munda, BJP spokesperson Siddharth Singh Nath and former Union minister Shahnawaz Hussain.

Also addressing the rally will be music director Bappi Lahiri and noted magician PC Sircar Junior.