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Narendra Modi`s National Council meet address: As it happened

By Tarun Khanna | Last Updated: Sunday, January 19, 2014 - 17:18

Zee Media Bureau/Tarun Khanna/Himanshu Kapoor

2:04 pm Modi concluded his speech with the slogan of `Bharat Mata Ki Jai`.

2: 04 pm I will say and you must repeat after me "Vote for India".

2: 03 pm The idea of India cannot be bound in a singular concept.

2: 01 pm Every one of the billion Indians has an idea of India. It isn`t one man`s vision but every man`s vision.

1: 58 pm We can help India become a global brand with: Talent,trade,tradition,tourism and technology.

1: 55 pm Our workers went to every house in Gujarat to collect money from our campaign. They have taken money from people and fought elections.

1: 50 pm Upgrading of technology is required, make the world familiar with our tradition. On the issue of terrorism, Modi said that terrorism divides, tourism unites.

1: 50 pm We need to change our approach towards healthcare. In health sector we address sickness but we should address wellness.

1: 49 pm Education is another very important aspect in the development. We need to strengthen our primary education. Why can`t every state have an IIM and IIT and AIIMS.

1: 46 pm Can`t there be development of milk industry across the nation like in Gujarat? It can meet milk demands.

1: 45 pm They said will give tickets to those with Cong in heart. We will give tickets to those who have Bharat Mata in their hearts.

1: 43 pm This country has a very large sea shore and there should be proper infrastructure development so that the nation can develop.

1: 42 pm India has a large rail network and we can progress in the same way.

1: 42 pm We should take the development example from Japan and see how that nation progressed. They came up with the idea of Bullet Train and even China followed the suit.

1: 41 pm We should protect the youth of our nation from narcotics. We should have a zero tolerance policy on this.

1: 39 pm If we had the right policies our youth would not only improve the nation but could improve the world.

1: 37 pm The most important aspect is the strength of our youth. The nation is blessed in this respect. We have the power of youth. We can change the country, the world.

1: 35 pm The women of this country is the its strength. We should empower women of the nation and focus on their education. There is a need pay attention to their security.

1: 34 pm We have to preserve our agriculture and we should have intent to to save it. They believe money doesn`t go on trees. We believe it grows in farms and is the result of labour.

1: 31 pm The PM has formed committee for every possible problem. We don`t need any more committee, but commitment for the nation.

1: 30 pm The nation has been hearing the act, act, act for so long, all it needs now is real action.

1: 28 pm We don`t just need bills and we need political will. And to do that we need political dil (heart).

1: 28 pm We are hearing many things but we should decide whether we should believe in a tape record or track records.

1: 25 pm We will give you good governance and good governance is not be for the rich and prosperous but the Dalits, poor and the oppressed. Good governance should go beyond doles and focus on development and delivery.

1: 24 pm Modi says he wants the PM and all the chief ministers to form a team to take the country forward.

1: 22 pm The Delhi people think that they are giving us doles but that is not how we will handle the federal structure.

1: 21 pm As a CM I completely understand the importance of the federal structure of the nation. BJP will empower the federal structure of nation.

1: 20 pm We mustn`t take regional aspirations as a burden on our country,instead it can be a opportunity for the country`s growth.

1: 19 pm We want to move ahead with a vision of inclusivity. We should not consider regional aspirations a problem.

1: 19 pm If BJP comes to power, I can promise you that we will ensure the progress of the region that is lagging behind.

1: 17 pm What was wrong in our policies that there is progress taking place in west India but entire east is in disarray, why there is such imbalance, asked Modi.

1: 16 pm During independence, people died for swaraj but this time the youth are willing to fight for soorajya.

1: 14 pm Congress is known only for its name in the country but I am know for my work. “They are naamdaar but I am a kaamdaar.”

1: 12 pm The way they have been brought up in a way that makes them think how can a tea seller be successful.

1: 10 pm Congress think how can we fight with a tea vendor whose mother used to clean utensils. They think how can they stoop to such level. They (Congress) feel how can someone from a backward strata can compete with them.

1: 07 pm: As the Congress is seen defeat in the upcoming polls, no mother would want to sacrifice her son. Would any mother sacrifice her son when the defeat is imminent, asked Modi.

1: 06 pm: I can guarantee no party in the UPA coalition chose Manmohan Singh as PM in 2004, Modi said.

1:03 pm: Did congress parliamentary party ever elected its prime ministerial candidate, are there any notes and documents of it? The oath taking was done in a hurried manner. Congress parliamentary party never elected Dr Manmohan Singh to be the prime minister of India. The Congress party, in fact, wanted Sonia Gandhi to hold that post.

12: 56 pm: Congress workers came to the AICC meet hoping to get a PM candidate, went back with 3 cylinders of gas.

12: 54 pm: The upcoming election in India is not just an election, it is an election of hope. It is the election of the dreams of the people.

12: 54 pm: The upcoming election in India is not just an election, it is an election of hope. It is the election of the dreams of the people.

12:53 pm: Since the freedom, there have been many elections, but from the time of the BJP we have the experience of working. But if we look at all the elections for far, the upcoming 2014 General Election is different. The country`s situation has never been this worst. We have seen the worst in the last decade. Farmers committing suicides, women concerned for safety, a child hungry for food.

12:50 pm: BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi greets senior party leader LK Advani, party president Rajnath Singh, senior leader Sushma Swaraj before starting to address the rally.
Top BJP leaders from across the country have assembled here to prepare strategy for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Senior party leaders, including LK Advani, Rajnath Singh, Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and Murli Manohar Joshi, besides chief ministers of all BJP-ruled states are attending the meeting.

First Published: Sunday, January 19, 2014 - 09:55

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